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@Pablo Do you think we can have a brush mode that treats 50% grey as the midlevel and does addition and subtraction at the same time (like the Displace modifier)?

I’ve wanted this so many times in conjunction with textures, especially for hard surface sculpting.

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In the initial proposal, Curves are the last point mentioned (slide 17).
Using curves as guides for stroke is not explicitly said.
Pablo only wrote about having them 3D, potentially wrapped around the model.
I suppose that used to create a mask, that would be sufficient to do what you want.
It seems to be a long term todo.

Edit : @TheRedWaxPolice , thanks ! I completely forgot Sample Bias slider.

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Why “Dam” tool moves incrementally ? Like is it snapped…anyway good job for now.

What you mean? This is how alphas usually works, no? :thinking:

Have you tried to decrease the stroke spacing?

You’d think so, but in Blender a brush can either add or substract, but not both. This seems to me like an entirely artificial limitation born of lack of foresight.

I’m confused… I created this alpha in photoshop to test… Seems to work… :thinking:


How did you set that up?

This is what I get.

It’s all about finding the right “sample bias” setting (poor choice of name by the way)… This setting seems to control the midpoint value…


I run blender in centimeters, your numbers might be different…


Huh. I would never have expected Sample Bias to be an offset. Thanks!

I withdraw my complaint. However, I’d suggest renaming this to something more intuitively understood. Like Depth Offset.


Yeah, Blender naming conventions are usually non-artist friendly… lol…

In zbrush this is called Mid Value. In C4D it’s Grey Value. Now, Sample Bias is way way off… :smile:


Well I had no idea this existed. Thank you !

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This could probably be a paper cut, the naming is really not good on this one haha



So, @William, could you take care of this naming issue as seen in the posts above? Renaming the “Sample Bias” to something more meaningful like: Mid Value / Gray Value / Mid Gray Offset… Something around those lines…


Initial implementation of the openvdb remesher inside the remesh modifier


Link for openVDB remesher + modifier by Martin Felke (scorpion81) :

Crucially opens up workflow for Rounded Corners after booleans.

Some tests:

Windows builds included there. Would be really cool if people would test it out.

Thanks Pablo and Martin for their amazing work!


[quote=“cgstrive, post:296, topic:1150731”]
Windows builds included there. Would be really cool if people would test it out.

Which ones? Can you please include the actual builds?

Best to check the diffusion link for latest build as there’s been several updates just today. Win build with latest patch:

To use enable VOXEL mode in Remesh modifier:



It crashes when you stack a modifier on top of it though :slight_smile:

For those building on Linux, for openvdb remesher inside the remesh modifier it is not necessary to apply the patch. Martin Felke just submitted the code to the sculpt-mode-features branch:
Just “git pull” and compile/build.

I’m not sure about how this works, and if Pablo and Martin should be in contact to agree on changes in code in future updates.

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I really hope the brush cursor is included in 2.81 even if the rest of it isn’t ready by then. It’s so much nicer to sculpt with than the regular cursor.