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I’m just trying out the new sculpt tools and attempting to use the rotate tool to fix the arm position of my model. However, I can’t figure out how to move the manipulator pivot to the elbow (it appears in the center of the model). Can someone explain how to do this as I couldn’t find the info in the docs or 2.81 features page?

I’d actually like to be able to move and rotate the pivot ideally. Not sure if the 3d cursor can be used to align the sculpt cursor…

The gizmo manipulation is terrible at the moment.

Hsve you tried those pivot options?

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Ah, thanks! It’s insanely fiddly and I gave up trying to get it in the right place (why not set directly from 3d cursor I wonder), but at least the option is there. Hopefully the transform tools will be refined in 2.82, because they seem good, but setting the pivot is just too much of a pain in the ass unless the rotation of it doesn’t matter. It would be nice if there was a key that enabled transforming of the pivot only, similar to the affect origins only option in object mode.

Despite my frustrations with the transform tools, the other stuff in 2.81 is very nice. So many big improvements over the old sculpt tools. I’m looking forward to trying out those new hair sculpting brushes too!

We need direct manipulation of the gizmo/pivot like in zbrush.

The workarounds in blender are just insane.


Honestly this is one of the things I probably hate most about Blender. I would love for them to rehash the whole gizmo-pivot-snapping system to be smarter and with less steps involved. Instead of make it strictly about the sculpting workflow, I’d rather it apply to Blender as a whole.

The vid/gif you show is a great example of what Blender should be aiming for. Easy movement of the gizmo itself in 3D space as part of the native gizmo behavior, not being anchored to a 3D cursor or any of that. In fact the zbrush approach mixed in with Modo’s widget behavior in 3D space would be perfect.


I agree 100%. And that’s what I tried to suggest on devtalk, but it’s nearly impossible to convince some blender folks, they think that working with the 3d cursor is the same thing. Pity.

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For the curious ones, ZBrush 2020 is coming soon, with some interesting stuff. :wink:


Its something like “manipulator edit mode” in silo. Transformations are applied to the gizmo instead of the selection.

3D cursor (and snap alignment) was a big step forward. Rotate/Move/Scale with cursor pivot could do similar transformations.
Cursor alignment could be changed via snapping. But cursor cant be translated directly.

More flexibility to transform cursor
use cursor pivot to transform selection
could do the job.

“Some interesting stuff” is a very good recapitulation. :slightly_smiling_face: I am once again not very impressed with the new features.

If you’d like to discuss the new ZBrush, you’re invited to my thread about it.

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Just like I said.

Look, what we are talking about here and what I showed on that gif is 100% unrelated to the 3d cursor. I don’t get why it’s so difficult to understand that.

We are not looking for workarounds.

The 3D Cursor reliant workflow is largely part of the problem to begin with. It adds too many extra unnecessary steps and something I think, like Blender Internal, messy keymap and the Game Engine needs to be retired in favor of something far better.

If they had to keep in it some form, I’d rather it just turn into a workplane instead.

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Nah, you dont need to tell me how to think. I think different :wink:
You can do similar transformations with the cursor. Of course its not related to the gif, ZBrush does not have 3D-Cursor. (Something which works just like silo’s manipulator edit mode.)

Rather I would suggest to look at both. A way to transform gizmo without transforming objects (manipulator edit mode). And a way to store such transformations to a cursor. So you can store and recall a pivot without “unnecessary steps”.

Thats what Im thinking about. Z-Brush doesnt have cursor. Its no reason to reject to think more in-depth about how to use cursor.

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I’m not telling you how to think, I’m just trying to clarify what this feature is all about, and that any mention of the 3d cursor is non-sensical and goes 100% against what we are talking about here.
Using the 3d cursor is a bad workaround, and that’s not what we are after.
If you love the 3d cursor, fine, but keep it where it belongs, let’s not mix unrelated things.

Its ok if you dont like my last thoughts. For me it looks like you just reject what I wrote about cursor. I can live with it.

This way of argumenting leads nowhere. Its frustrating for me, and probably for you too. I like to cut it.

I just use ‘G’ to grab objects, so the only people who might really need the transform of the widget graphic are people who just refuse to use even the most basic and easy-to-use hotkeys (even after gaining experience).

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Yeah, but he just wants to position the pivot point arbitrarily. You can do that with the cursor, but it’s not comfortable. I have no idea why to this day we can’t have a little cursor gizmo to move it around and snap to stuff.


The problem with the cursor is to use it as a piviot you need to change the piviot to the cursor which is tucked away in a menu and then restore it back from a menu . Perhaps a suitable sulotion would be to make the 3d cursor clickable And when you click on it you get 2 icons that will appears neer it to set or restore the piviot to it and back the icon will also appear when you move it

I personally think Maya did that approach best, where the transform widget/pivot is tied to the origin, and you simply press a button to unlock it in order to move it around as you see fit before locking it again by pressing the key again. It worked great for snapping and relocating the thing. If I recall correctly you could also have it act that way in a temporary form, with the origin never losing its original position. Very simple.


Yeah, works pretty much the same in Max.


Exactly how it works in c4d too. In fact, I think blender is the only 3d app that can’t do that. :thinking:

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