Pablo Dobarro's master plan for sculpting and painting, development news

i just leave this here - may be Pablo Dobarro will see this and maybe he can dom some thing with this, or may be some one throw thi to right developer who “can”

p.s. there are normal tablet on normal “desktop” windows 10 (man in video talks about new touch and in general tablet API which need attention in blender)


The BF has so much money now that they could actually hire a developer to grab a piece of the mobile market, most likely Android for now since iOS is hostile to FOSS.

More and more, people do not like the relative bulkiness of a tower and its accessories, and ARM-based processors are getting to the point where they match lower-end desktop chips. Being able to get a form of Blender on tablets before some of the big DCC solutions could be a boon.

I say a form of Blender because it would be a tough job to give the mobile build the same level of power and options as the desktop builds, but I could see all of the tools in this thread translating well.


there’s a port from … 2014? that I haven’t tested tbh, this is more related to the 101 project, I don’t know if it has been any news in the Blender Conference.

Folks, can we please keep the thread on topic? I think discussing pothential blender-ports to mobile platforms should rather take place in its own seperate thread.

@Metin_Seven: Maybe you can split the posts in question into a new thread? Thank you.

greetings, Kologe


I guess a few off-topic posts should be possible (I’m guilty of that myself every now and then :wink:), so I guess a split is not necessary yet, but I agree: please try to keep it on topic as much as possible, guys. Thanks!

Back on the Sculpt Mode topic: @Jeacom has just released a fine update of Sculpt Toolkit. Check it out.

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on devtalk, in the UI papercuts thread, I have repeatedly highlighted the need to make the brushbar more compact for small screens like tablets, but it seems to be ignored.
yet blender’s paint and sculpt section would benefit a lot.

You can scale it down by pressing numpad - or ctrl MMB while moving mouse.
With a tablet, it should work by moving stylus pressing buttons you mapped you use to replace Ctrl and MMB.
If it does not, you may try to modify shortcut.

the problem is that the brushbar it is badly designed,
you have long items that take up valuable space without really being needed…
there is a lot of room for optimization.

what you say is not effective, because if I shrink the ui, I will have tiny elements, but always a lot of wasted space

I thought you were talking about the toolbar with brush icons.
But now, I suppose you are talking about tool settings bar or sidebar.
For tablets, you are not supposed to use sidebar.
Tools Settings bar is supposed to display same panels as popovers.
I wish we have an easy way to customize them and choose what brush panel/setting we want to keep visible in what region.

New Clay Brush:


Oh, that’s nice! As Clay/Claytubes is one of my most used brushes during blockout, that’s going to be a real boon for my workflow.


Hmmm ! It looks usable ! I generally use clay tubes instead but I’ll have to try this new brush out. :slight_smile:

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I’m a Clay Buildup man myself, but it looks like he’s done a really nice job with this. Very Zbrushy. :+1:


My thoughts exactly!

I do find it slightly disturbing to watch Suzanne being mutilated though. The end result could be used in a remake of The House of Wax.


Just reviewed the Blender Atelier: Sculpt add-on, offering quite some additional tools in Sculpt Mode.


Musashidan: “I wish I had the Clay brush from ZBrush.”

Pablo appears out of his lamp in a mystical puff of smoke

Pablo: “Your wish is my command!”

Snaps his fingers and the feature appears


Oh Boy.


Are these new clay brushes in latest 2.82 version?

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Not yet, there is only one patch so far.