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The old school ZB navigation seems impossible to make. I think only the right click navigation is possible to be replicated in blender, but that’s not easy. You’ll have to solve a lot of keymap conflicts to achieve that. Not sure if it’s worth it.

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Really liking the new clay brushes. While I had no massive issues with the old brushes since I used their roughness to get free details, it still feels nice having reliable brushes that build up in a more naturalistic fashion. :partying_face:


(With 2.81 using voxel remesh then QuadriFlow give me CTD. Anyone else?)

I wonder if Mesh Filter will add a sort of ‘Polish’ like the one from Zbrush, would be very helpful with smoothing away the bevel effect from your remeshed lowpoly)


They are different. One is value of weight to paint when strength of brush is equal to 1.
The other one is a multiplier.
If weight is 1 and strength 0.5, you paint a weight of 0.5. If weight is 0.5 and strength 0.5, you paint a value of 0.25.
But if blend mode is Add, result is different than if blend mode is Subtract.
In Vertex Color Paint mode, you paint colors. In brush settings, there is a slot to precise a color.
In Weight Paint mode, you paint weights. In brush settings, there is a slot to precise a weight.
In both modes, you have a strength setting to vary intensity of brush, the way you want. It may be temporary. It may be according to a blend mode or pressure of stylus.

Weight is as different to Strength than Color in vertex paint mode.
It is as simple as that.
If you choose a medium grey as a color, you don’t expect result to become white while applying maximum pressure on stylus.
Same thing in Weight paint mode. If you set weight to 0.5, you don’t expect to obtain a weight equal to 1 while applying maximum pressure on stylus.

There’s this, but it still has to be ported to 2.8+.

Yes, this and the volume-preserving alternate smooth brush of ZBrush are some of the most important tools I still miss when comparing Blender to ZBrush. The new Relax Mesh Filter is nice, but it doesn’t work as refined as ZBrush Polish. The same goes for the Topology brush. You first need to brush a lot of times to get the topology at the right place, then you can smooth it using Shift. It just doesn’t match the fluid alternate Smooth brush of ZBrush.

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Haha. you’re just poking The Man now and hopping he is reading this aren’t you.
It will probably work too lol


Anybody had the voxel remesher freeze up computer? I just had the computer lock up and had to hold power button and restart.

Still dont get it, would it not be possible to work just with the weight slider.

No, it wouldn’t.
Weight is something like color in regular painting analogy.
Strength is brush intensity.


Well yes it would, weight is a single channel value, unlike your typical RGB color + opacity (i.e. brush strength). No one bothered to unify them, is all.

What does this mean the strenght slider could be redundant?

The way it’s implemented currently, no, as you can see from @gorion103’s example. Doesn’t mean it should be this way, but this is the way it is.

Got you if they where unified.

No… Wtf guys.


Weight/Color is target value that we are painting. So if we want paint exacly 0.5 valuse we set color to 0.5.
Strenght is how intense our brush is or in other words how many times we have place stroke to achieve targeted value/color.
They are totally different things.

I dont konw?

Clay ,scrape brushes feel much better.

I am trying to sculpt on a mesh with several shapekeys using the newly added brushes. But especially the posebrush (which would be the most useful) is pretty unusable because the affected vertex + the line to the rotation centre are done on the base key.
Am I doing something wrong, is this a technical limitation, a bug, a not yet implemented feature?

Could be better Click drag line then pose.
Good enough for me.

It doesn’t mean it has to be like that :slight_smile: You’re painting with one channel, you don’t need to modulate three different channels with uniform strength, just the one. Might as well remove strength from the equation and only vary the weight. Be murder with colors. With weights though - you have to vary at least one slider anyway.