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Please, please, please don’t let us wait till 2.90 Alpha to start using the new MultiRes features! :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:


Not that long a wait. Master becomes 2.83 on the 15th and open for new features…

Edit: becomes 2.90

The new features are nice, but the multires still needs some serious performance improvements, I guess… currently it’s still quite laggy compared to a “raw” mesh… :sunglasses:

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I think the companies that want an LTS release are only interested in getting as stable release as they can, the are not chasing features. So the key determining factor here is what does the bug tracker look like at the moment?

The companies that want an LTS release have others apps to fill in where Blender falls short.


Are these latest Multires changes in the daily builds? How long until 2.83 release? I’d like to use Multires even if it’s bare minimum working feature.

Very nice indeed. I really hope the same algorithm will be implemented in the Decimate modifier’s Un-Subdivide mode as well.

Nota bene: I’m using the Modifier List add-on, in case you’re wondering. :slightly_smiling_face:


Will this be in 2.83?

hopefully yes

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Yes, really good quality-of-life changes. Thanks for sharing this. I was not aware how powerful and agile matcaps can be in Blender. I would agree with a comment in one of the proposed changes. We do need an option to control specularity independently now. Since it can be pretty heavy visually and more options is good.

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You can try the Daily Builds if you want:

Alternatively, you can use these free utilities:
Blender Version Manager : [External Program] Blender Version Manager for 2.8


Thank you. The tools are helpful.

I knew where to get daily builds but I was asking if the latest Multires updates that are posted here are in these builds or not? I know Pablo posts a lot about his development process and not everything is immediately available in the builds.

Thank you. I tried it. It’s a very nice matcap. I think I’m going to use it as a default from now on :slight_smile:.

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Usually, he adds a comment on the development threads (and on Twitter) to inform if the features he has worked on, are available in the Daily Builds.

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yes but some features that he is working on may not be available in the master, so you would have to wait to the code to get reviewed for being added to the master later…

what is it? i dont get it?

in my basemesh there is a certain area that i dont want to sculpt but its inevitable since i used voxel remeshr :roll_eyes:

Announce to provide a LTS was done, 5 days, after a 2.82 that should be followed by a 2.82a.
At a period, when tracker curfew was 3 times higher than target.

And suddenly, next release should become LTS.
Problem is not just a lack of multires. Each devs has todos relative to basic design of 2.8 project.
It is obvious that they will not deliver those remaining tasks in few months, when they also have to solve bugs on basic features of software.

So, 2.83 will be released with known issues that could fixed. But what could be fixed by fixing workflow, completing 2.8 design will not be available in this LTS.
That amount of things non fixable in LTS would have been reduced a lot if big studios accepted to wait a 2.84 or 2.85 as LTS.
If those big contributors won’t accept to see a design improvement in master without asking devs to look at a corresponding hack for 2.83 ; development speed of Blender will be negatively impacted.

In mesh properties, there is a Remesh panel.
In this panel, you have 2 choices :
Voxel (same remesher as in Sculpt mode)
Quad (for quadriflow).

Quadriflow remesher is slower but it handles more case and should give a cleaner result.

No, it is not. Whatever was technique used to produce mesh, you can freeze a region using Masks or Face Sets.

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Really cool, thanks @TheRedWaxPolice !

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Undo for Apply Base in Sculpt Mode is now committed:


in the first image you showed, you had a plane, and the only way to remesh is to use quad remesh instead of voxel remesh. Since voxel only works with volumes.
In the nex image i dont understand the problem, but u can always remove what you dont want with a boolean or bisect.
I didnt tried face sets yet … but maybe can be the solution, ask people arround. And use more than one image to explain your problem.