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Weld modifier lately…


You miss the point… but this is going to be too offtopic and will kill the thread… so… :+1:


Here, Julian is just enumerating, point by point ; what things system should respect, in his opinion.
That does not mean that interaction will be complicated.
The task is just about brush storage.
And in fact, it seems that brush storage will be handled by simple actions (click or double click in asset browser, right click menu on thumbnail).

That is what devs are focusing on but that is not really users main problem.
Users problem is brush access during a paint/sculpt session .

  • Being able to specify shortcuts for several custom brushes of same category.
  • Or only displaying a set of favorites brushes that is not relying on their category.

Like Pablo said, we don’t care about automatic previews.
Currently, I am experimenting crashes due to material previews.
I would like to avoid crashes related to brushes previews, too.
We asked devs to look at 2d software for UI of texture paint mode; and they took Photoshop UI default as an example.

Devs are focusing on storage because it is a critical point to handle hundreds of brushes.
But lack of quick access is the most critical point for users to handle a working session.

I don’t think that is a lack of communication. I think that is a misunderstanding that continues because of difficulty to maintain a discontinued discussion on a subject through months.
In a forum thread, posts accumulates quickly about different subjects.
Then devs read it, only retain a part of discussion, publish a task.
Then, comments on that task may deviate discussion on another subject.
Devs don’t know what is priority, anymore. They stop discussion to start on another task and reopen discussion after months.

I think there are misunderstanding happening on both sides. But mutual comprehension is probably happening a lot more often.
I think that paywalls will probably limit feedback and inspiration coming from community more than it would limit misunderstanding by limiting amount of participants to discussion.

There is a little bit of marketing in what Pablo Vasquez does. But he really is an experimented Blender User. If you have the feeling that there are many cases where he is not right ; it is because he is replying to a lot of questions in a period where Blender is evolving at light speed.
Anybody who tested an area, 3 days ago ; may have missed last changes that occurs, yesterday or today.
And I think that’s what happened to Pablo, several times.
But it is also true, that he can not be specialized in all fields. And he changed his show to include a guest that would be a specialist.

I agree. There is probably room for other people to help.
That is why there is a job offer for a blog writter.

On, there are workboards per module triaging todos, bugs, design tasks.
In devtalk forums, thread title is supposed to bound terms of discussion.
That is up to users to stay on topic.
But probably sub-sections of user feedback section would help to avoid repeated threads on same subjects created by many users (users don’t use search before posting).
We already have developers coordinators trying to maintain coherence of module.
When they take decisions and share them to community through dev meeting notes or blog articles ; they are taking comments into account.

I don’t think that communication is bad. I think that is just really hard to content community of users that has an exponential growth about a development that has an increasing speed, too.


… so, you start something then kill discussion.


By no means did I mean to bash on what he’s doing. I think it’s helpful, entertaining and I enjoy watching his show every week.

It’s not a realistic expectation for neither him nor the main developers to have decades of high level production experience in given fields. I’ve seen him and Dalai mistake the Embergen UI for Houdini. Which is perfectly fine. Developers are not working in production, they’re supporting it. There is a need however for collecting and filtering feedback in order for the tools to be used.

If we look at particle nodes, feedback from experienced Houdini users is immensely valuable, finding those replies from many people spitballing and ranting can be a pain.

Same for Pablo - I see him getting criticized for his art style, which in my opinion is irrelevant. He’s a developer, him using the features for personal work is just a plus. The frustration may come from people under pressure, where even 1 extra click does make a difference. Same with feature priorities.

That’s when listening to production artists is important, and looking at a thread with 6000+ replies is a good example why it’s not a feasible expectation for a developer to keep track.

In my experience that’d be a very bad salary for a good coder. Double it to make it a moderate salary, but even 4 times that wouldn’t be a rare case. In VFX that is.


Are cloth collisions publicly available yet? I tried the Windows buildbot version last night but couldn’t figure out what combination of modifiers to use for the cloth brush or filter to factor in collisions with other objects.

Not there yet…

Ah, thanks!

OK guys, please wrap up the developer salary subtopic and head back to Blender sculpting, thanks!


This is an amazing brush, when i saw it, i couldn’t stop dreaming of a modifier version too, to make it possible to animate snail eye or remake the effect of soft robot eversion and retraction for exemple, from an already modeled and sculpted mesh.

Do you guys know if there are any plans for the symmetry to work with modifiers? Or for the modifiers to work while sculpting…

The off-topic developer income sub-discussion has been moved to a separate topic. Feel free to continue the discussion there, thanks.


Pablo made a new patch for the Sharpen filter that is adding the ability to sharpen high frequency details in a different way from the current iteration.


Nice. Can I get that in a brush? Gib Amplify Brush pls.


It’s patches like these that make me appreciate Pablo all the more and his dedication to fixing annoyances that Blender has had for a long time. He just dropped a patch where the Lasso Mask and Box Max are getting a Front Faces Only option to prevent the tools from masking stuff that is not visible to the viewer. :partying_face:


Shhh… Don’t let pixo know about it… :smile:

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You mean like the Amplify Brush? :smiley:


That’s from Ryan, right? I know he managed to hack something lol… But ZB proper still doesn’t have something similar… :frowning:

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That’s the one. Works pretty well. I suppose they already have Clay Polish, Mask by cavity/peaks and valleys/etc, and the deformation sliders to do it globally, and the various masking feaures to confine it to a brush.