Pablo Dobarro's master plan for sculpting and painting, development news

not only of the sculpt, it has a lot of imagination, it could help in other areas

yeah true, him being an Artist is also very helpful.


he is the sculpting machine :laughing:


Just fire up ZBrush and you’ve got a planning of what to expect next in Pablo’s Sculpt Mode. :slightly_smiling_face: Blender users who also use ZBrush haven’t seen many surprises yet.

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For blender users it’s a blast

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First of all, everything looks really good so far.
Secondly does he have plans to develop more the posing tool ? it would be great if he could integrate some of the actions from the linear deformer from MIra tools.


The cherry on top would be to add automasking by topology in the UV editor sculpt mode

It will be a blast for anyone who has long wanted a serious alternative to zbrush. 3D coat never really delivered, and so Zbrush was really the only good option. If Blender starts competing on a serious level, then it could easily pull zbrush users away as well. Zbrush is great but it can also be tedious to work in.

Toss in all the other stuff Blender does and it can have a big edge over Zbrush depending on the kind of art one is making.


I largely agree, but I also have to say that I feel a bit ambivalent witnessing a whole slew of ZBrush features being blatantly copied to Blender. I switch between Blender and ZBrush a lot because ZBrush still had a lot of advantages, such as the feel of the sculpting and brushes, the unequalled ZRemesher quad-poly auto-retopologizer, functions like Polish and ClayPolish, the Clip / Trim / Slice tools, the many Deformers, and the super-high polygon count it can handle. Even the old Dynamesh is still better than OpenVDB in many cases.

and ZBrush features copied 3DCoat, 3DCoat sculpt layer copied Mudbow feature, etc…

And ZBrush has Dyntopo after Blender had it for years.
All software influence on each other and it’s part of progressing. You still can’t really copy the core essence, like ZBrush’s handling of huge amount of polygon count without a sweat leaving everyone behind, due to it’s low level and clever coding.


To be more accurate, Dr. Petter more or less invented unlimited sculpting with Sculptris, Blender borrowed heavily from his code, then Dr. Petter was hired by Pixologic, who bought Sculptris, and he then went on to helm the addition of the feature to ZBrush proper.


Blender didnt borrow his code, because the software that Dr petter developed (sculptris) was free, not open source. I remember that a cuban guy was the main developer, back in the day, in charge of bring dynamic to blender, but he got hired to work on 3d coat, and after him another developer was the one who did it, also I believe that for a guy that sculpt and is also a coder, the developement of the tools that he coded were born from pure necesity and not just by trying to copy zbrush for example (sorrry for my english)

Are you referring to dyntopo?

Which is what people want. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Kudos to Pablo…


I remember Nicholas Bishop made Blender’s dyntopo. I don’t know whether he based his work off a paper.

i don’t know the accuracy of this story but i heard that pixologic bought Sculptris and brought DrPeter to their team because they were afraid of the competition and zbrush didn’t have dynamic tesselation until recently with “Sculptris Pro”… and the guy who worked on blender’s dyntopo was snatched too by 3D Coat team, that’s why i suggested that BF makes Pablo part of their team before he gets snatched too.


BF is sleeping…

then lets wake them up.


The reality is that the BF will never be able to compete with the salaries a successful commercial entity can offer people with specialized coding backgrounds. Anyone who sticks with Blender as a paid developer for long is either doing it as a side gig, a stepping stone, or out of an ideological desire/necessity.