Pablo Dobarro's master plan for sculpting and painting, development news

The review process is slow right now because the devs. are spending a lot of time working the bug tracker and fixing bugs (for the 2.81 release). The dev. notes even say that a lot of time in this area is expected.

Then you combine that with Brecht having time off as a reward for his exhaustive work on 2.80.


My point exactly.

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Yep at this rate it is surely going to be next year! :sweat_smile:

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2.81 is expected to be released this week after that everything goes back to normal including code review.


MultiRes smooth brush patch incoming! :partying_face:


Imagine if ZBrush had a bug that broke being able to go up and down in subdivisions while sculpting without ruining your mesh. It would be practically unusable as software for sculpting.

Multires sculpting is probably one of the most foundationally important pieces of sculpting anything that’s even moderately complex. It’s almost as bad as box modeling without being able to undo. This alone makes any character artist I know immediately turn their back and walk away from sculpting in Blender over ZBrush, and (among other things) it’s greatly hurting more widespread professional adoption.

Really hope this is top priority for 2.82.


Nice! The video shows some lag during brushing, but looking at the mesh it’s very high-poly, so it’s understandable.

7,1 million verts with that kind of lag is honestly pretty decent. Pretty much on par with all the other brushes at those mesh densities. Bear in mind that Pablo’s computer isn’t the best either, so I don’t think this is peak performance for Blender if you have good specs.

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Screen recording might make it look choppier too. Regardless, it looks like it will be usable at least.

Here is his tweet about it since it didn’t get posted yet.


New update on vertex colours:

Finish MVertColor implementation
Support multiple sculpt vertex color layers
Sculpt Vertex Colors layers UI
Reproject all layers when remeshing

3ds Max 2020.2 was released with the updates to the ‘PBR viewport’ against the advice of myself and several other beta testers. It was rushed into the release in a very badly broken state. This was marketed as one of the release flagship features, even though the devs knew it was severely broken. That was almost a year ago and it is still broken in a number of areas.


Easy joke: he said “A serious company”

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PBR shaders malfunctioning doesn’t result in irreparably damaged data structures in your meshes. The two problems aren’t really comparable. Any tool where you have to be concerned about losing work when it’s used exactly the way it’s intended shouldn’t ship, plain and simple. If I shipped a feature at work that corrupted user data I’d be in the dog house.

Bunch of stuff committed:

Edit: okay, the new clay brushes work so much nicer.


Do you know if they include the voxel remesh fix that was in 2.82 in official 2.81? Since i would like to switch for the new clay brush?

I think both 2.81/2.82 remesh works the same. But I’m not sure which fix you’re referring to.

Last week there was a fix for voxel remesher artifact it was release in 2.82 so i was just wondering if the same fix is include in 2.81.

Not the point I was making at all. It wasn’t meant as a comparison or intended as an excuse. I was merely pointing out that even Adesk releases broken features all the time, and this is unacceptable whether fatal or not, considering we’re customers who have invested millions into their products over the years.

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This is the last remesh fix I can see that was committed to 2.81:

I also saw this one, but it doesn’t appear to be committed to either yet:

I’m not seeing any that were committed just to 2.82, but it’s possible I missed it.

Well thank for the info and i guess the best way to be sure is simply to try it so i will download and test it.

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