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Or SpeedSculpt:


If you have so many tools in sculpt mode, that you are forced to make awful keys combos as shortcuts, to scroll toolbar or forgot what is doing half of them ; that is not improving the workflow and can possibly slow it down a lot more than just few mode switches to use tools from other modes.

I am not against adding an Insert brush or a Guide brush that would group several uses.
But I think that there should be a huge thinking about restraining inflation of sculpt mode to avoid to transform it into a labyrinthine system.

Typically, if you add a curve draw tool in sculpt mode, you can use it to do a lot of things.
If you want to add primitives in Sculpt mode or reliefs from VDM, you don’t need to create one tool per shape.

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Multires: Option to not refit the base mesh when using Apply Base

Go and give this patch your love!!! they are going to reconsider it.


This patch is an absolute must. The current Apply Base just isn’t good enough while Pablo’s patch pretty much does the job nearly flawlessly for a sculpting workflow involving texture baking. If I recall they did mention in the roadmap that this was going to get added in 2.90, so I hope that no other dev suddenly decides to change that.


Zbrush as tons of brushes even more when you add new custom ones.
If you get a good brushes window browser and some top tab to put your prefered most used brushes, like Zbrush or 3D coat the number of brushes is not an issue i guess.

@Metin_Seven @otsoa
Both are intuitive, natural next level sculpting or modeling.
I already baught Speedsculpt and Speedflow long time ago while having some of these features directly in suclpt mode would have been great indeed.

Blender is a generalist app. People use it to make more than just sculpting.
It is attractive for concept art because you can sculpt some stuff, mix it with some 2D stuff, animate quickly a camera and obtain a fast render.

It is natural evolution, for each part, to grow.
But developers have to keep everything manageable by developers and comprehensible by generalist users.
If each part grows, at the point that takes same time to learn than a dedicated app ; people will end-up to ask themselves if it really worth it to past so much time learning Blender.

You will loose all versatile users at the point that community will split into smaller groups of experts in certain fields before developers end-up tearing apart the software.

I am pleading for a better brush management since the start.
I want to be able to manage an hundred of custom brushes for sculpt mode.
But that does not mean that I am in favor of an hundred of brush categories.
That would be a proof that UI is over-complicated.
That would terrify and loose anyone, expecting to work quickly with Blender.

The guy who created sculptris did it because he did not need a tons of brushes.
Many of them were superfluous to his workflow.
I think Blender can stay user-friendly by avoiding to accumulate superfluous stuff and powerful by maintaining an intermediate amount of versatile tools.

Initial proposal of Pablo was to make more specialized brushes through Brush nodes.
That corresponds to such principle.
Some of brushes that Pablo created should become examples of that in future releases + probably new ones.
We are currently at 29 brush categories, 2 box tools, 3 mesh filters, 4 transform tools in toolbar.
Currently, that does not let a lot of margin to add more because Brush Management will not be there before 2.93.
So, there is no emergency to make it crowded.


It should be possible for people who want that.

Yes, get the essentials ones first.
And let people create their own brushes, and perhaps later let them do like in 3D coat organize folders and be able to browse brushes.

That could be great.

Perhaps ad hidden secondary brushes panel for those less common and specialize, so the user could any time hide or show additionnal brushes panels.

BTW, i agree let’s get the essential brushes, and let Blender developers choose how users could create their own brushes categories panels or browsers.

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Been sculpting more with multires, still getting random spikes on higher subd levels. Anyway, one thing I think that needs to change is Undo should not undo brush switching and brush settings when sculpting.

The random spike happen when symmetry is broken(turning OFF symmetry , sculpt high res detail, then turning if OK,sculpt). Keep fighting it by smoothing it, only to lose detail, and now I can’t even smooth one spike.

Back to good old Zbrush.


What, nobody posted this yet?

Now I’ll get those new feature post likes, finally! :wink:


Nice ! I don’t usually polypaint, but this is starting to look like fun.


I have not seen spikes in my new sculpt. For the undo things that is the most annoying thing i currently encounter in blender. Its also in texture paint and other modes…
Finding the right brush settings is a horror and i have no idea why its not already changed…


Not a fan of the desing, to me the goal should be to have something like edit mode in the side bar and a favorites filter in the global brush palette, that way you could add more custom brushes too, it is something that you could do before there just adding numbers before the brush, I suppose it could be done under the hood too.

Pablo implemented the fill mode, I think it isn’t part of the vertex paint but it would be nice to have the gradient mode from texture paint there too



Have a heart for your effort :smile: :smile: :smile:


Sculpt: Pose Brush option to affect loose parts


It is supposed to be fixed in master and 2.83.1 for Sculpt mode and Texture Paint mode.

There is a gradient in Weight Paint mode and ability to use textures in Vertex Paint mode.
So, I supposed that is just a matter of time before being able to do the same in Sculpt mode for Sculpt Vertex Colors.

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Its so not fixed… I am on 2.9 and its with every mode. Texture paint, sculpt, weight paint you can choose it… I guess i have to report it too.

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Undo doesn’t seem to switch brushes for me anymore (2.9). Maybe try doing a factory reset and see if it resolves it?

But does it undo brush settings with the stroke, that’s the real issue.

edit: It does seem to not undo brush settings with strokes now in 2.83.1. They do appear to continue to add brush settings to the undo stack before an image is created though, so there’s still a small landmine but if you’re undoing that far, it’s probably not an issue.

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Sculpt: Mask By Color