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Dude are you ok?

Quad remesher is good, but I would like to see a feature added to influence the orientation of the remesh, like drawing lines on the model.
Quad remesher is good for static objects, but as soon as you need a specific topology (for animated objects for instance), it’s not going to give you the result you need.


There was a change to the multires code in an attempt to fix something.

It may be the cause of the bug, please report it to Pablo so he can either revert this or try again.

By the way, it is always a good idea to have multiple builds from different dates lying around (so you can use older ones if the new one has a problem).

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I guess a full rewrite is the only solution… :no_mouth:

Multires was already rewritten, this is a regression.

As I mentioned, Pablo made a change to the multires code and that commit could be the cause, so report it.

Are you sure it was fully from scratch, or was just part of it? Hmmm
How do you explain the same old bugs popping up from time to time?
Somehow they managed to hide most of those bugs with the quality setting, but it looks like it’s still all there… :thinking:

AFAIK Multires wasn’t rewritten from scratch. The complete rewrite was one of the solutions suggested by Pablo Dobarro. But I think Sergey ended up doing a lot of new fixes to the old Multires… right?


That’s what it looks like… :thinking:


I also wonder if some of these are actually some regressions. The main issue I mentioned above was about some wrong click somewere, the other issue I had was another model blowup after spending short amount of time in edit mode (just moving some vertices).

I am suspecting that this is todo with actual sculpt changes in memory are not getting committed timely and some inbetween steps totally messes up those waiting changes.

In anycase I will report these.


Situation in master can evolve quickly.
We have 1 month before 2.91 release.
So, if bugs are reported, soon ; there is a good chance to have them solve in official release.

That could be understandable if you were able to identify the “something” you clicked on.
For the moment, that remark can not be exploited by developers.

Some thing, here. Try to identify what was common on meshes that produced the issue.


For sure. It is crucial that we report these as long as we can demonstrate how it happens, however it is not easy to make repeatable cases always unfortunately.

In my case I’ve imported twenty-something mil mesh from zbrush, put multires on it and started unsubdividing, when going back up through subdivision levels some spikes started to appear. I will try to reproduce it with simpler meshes later.

A longtime serious Multires bug may be fixed very soon.

It is the NaN vertex “mesh destroying” bug with backstory from Joseph Eager. He is now deciding that he should’ve fixed it a long time ago to make multires usable for his work (so he’s finally fixing it). The issue is actually a result of the merge of Bmesh followed by an attempt to fix it (in which the code that was added did not work at all).


I’d welcome this as a native Sculpt Mode tool:


Interesting but i do not find much use for this. Its like skin modifier but its harder to control. Still impressed by programing skills.


I’m thinking of fast drawing of protruding elements, such as horns from a head or fingers from a hand shape, or quick drawing of lots of thorns, eyelashes, hair tufts.

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Personally I prefer using Face Sets and extruding as a new object. After that I activate DynTopo with Snake Hook for that effect. You get the added benefit of having each object separated from each other built into the workflow.

Also, now when Bezier Curves have built in bevel presets, it is now very easy to create horns, hair, and the like with any type of shape. :slight_smile:

I could see that add-on being useful for more chaotic shapes like if you wanted to decorate something like a cake or maybe a pine tree with snow on it for quick concepting.


Mini curve tube brush but without an actual curve? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, yeah, without the awkward ZBrush curves. :wink:

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