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Would it be possible to only ( voxel ) remesh parts of a model?

For example:
You have a character and you would like to add extra detail only in the face.
So you would only have remesh the face, while the rest can stay on another lower detail level.

The advantage would be that the polycount is lower then if the whole model is remeshed.
Maybe also the remeshing itself can be faster as there is less that’s need to be remeshed.


That is possible in dyntopo with flood fill and masks. I’d love to have it on the remesher too.

That is the reason you see Pablo working with multiple meshes, so he will have the freedom of remeshing only the part he needs :wink:

That’s dyntopo’s strength. You can have localized detail based on the brush size and/or the zoom on the object.

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The voxel remesher is not designed for that. I has a constant resolution… Maybe possible to restrict it with a mask but the transition would be bad…

mm, that’s not fast. zbrush or even 3dcoat would do that in 1 sec easily.


I’m saying this cause the brushes work really well with remesher, u could be sculpting 5/10 million with no lag and that’s just amazing, the problem comes when remeshing cause takes forever. it just cuts the flow completely