Pablo Dobarro's master plan for sculpting and painting, development news

If you don’t want to install the experimental Sculpt Mode branch, you can also use the free Mesh Fairing Blender add-on, which offers a few extra options, and works in both Sculpt Mode and Edit Mode.


Vertex colours store RGBA values not per vertex, but per face corner. This allows hard transitions between colour values and without it, you would not be able to have a cube with a red face, green face and a blue face without first separating the faces from each other because there would only be a single shared vertex per corner. If you split the faces, you end up with three vertices and it requires more data and becomes cumbersome to edit. It’s similar to how vertex normals are stored - you need to store them per face corner to allow hard edges and custom vertex normals without having to split faces on the mesh level.

Sculpt vertex colours uses only RGB per vertex, which is much more efficient for painting, since it’s easier for the code to access the vertex colour data and there is no need for really hard transitions along polygon edges when painting high poly meshes.

Both systems have different uses. Vertex colours are great for low poly models and game work in particular, but sculpt vertex colours is much better for high poly models and enables the code to run much faster because it doesn’t need to do as much work. Some of the tools Pablo has made would not work acceptably well if he was trying to operate directly on vertex colour data.

I’m pretty sure you can transfer the sculpt vertex colours to regular vertex colours with an operator, but I haven’t tried it yet.


So is there any way to have multiple sculpt vertex color layers?

Keeping them separate is a good idea for now because of compability issues. A lot of people still rely on the 8-bit (per channel) managed vertex colors, this is mainly a realtime workflow for now. The new sculpt vertex colors is using float values.

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Jacques and Hans are working on interpolating attributes between domains, so I guess it’s just a matter of time before we can do such a conversion with a node.

Nevermind, found it. There a “Sculpt Vertex Colors” section in the Object data properties section below the normal vertex colors. (Can’t believe I didn’t see that before, and my aplologies to anybody who may be offended by my blindness)


The Store/Load SVC buttons transfer SVC to VC and VC to SVC respectively

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Hi, Anyone familiar with how to bake curvature, vertex colors, ambient occlusion from Multi-res? The only options I am seeing are Normal and displacements.
Any plans to add these as options when baking from multi res?

The baking part of blender is pretty abandoned by the developers in the last couple of years, but I believe there are several ways to convert a baked normal map to a curvature map…

True there are several ways to convert a baked normal map to a curvature map but what about AO, vertex colors. You currently can’t paint vertex colors in multi res on the highest subdivision level. I think its very important that the devs learn that when you make a feature, they should not be there just for publicity purpose but be useful where the end product is involved.
Multi res right now is very good and the performance is top notch. This all becomes irrelevant because the baking aspect has been completely overlooked. What is the purpose of multi res current efficiency if you can’t bake the ao, curvature, vertex color from the multi res? (or is it still wip?)
My issue with Blender has always been the focus on all the big stuff that every artist will fawn over but the little important things get overlooked.
Its getting tiring to learn that a certain feature has been added. only to realize something is missing or has not been added yet, rendering the new feature incomplete and not usable so you have to find a workaround or defer the use of that feature still further notice.
Hopefully, we get news about the baking aspect. I know they have their hands full on several aspect of Blender currently.


AFAIK Improvements to baking workflow is planned for 2.93. Not sure if Eevee baking is a part of it tho.

More details about what might be, can be found in this tasks comments by brecht:


Holy guacamole, I have to say Pixologic has conjured some interesting new tricks from its sleeve.


Nice to see Pixolator in action…

And yeah, cool stuff…

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Good to know. Thanks for the link. I am hoping we can get these baking features before mid-year if that is possible also vertex paint so that multi res can be utilized to its fullest potential.

Definitely. The original 3D sculpting genius. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep. I’ve been wanting something like the Mesh Balloon brush for a long time. It’s been a feature in Microsoft Paint 3D for years now, and will greatly speed up organic concepting in ZBrush.

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If Pablo were to every reply in this thread, how would we celebrate?

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I hope Pablo does not read this thread. Even Pablo might find some of the last posts in this thread a bit offensive (I’m not saying that those who write here did so on purpose).

I am starting to become afraid that Pablo could add thousands of very specific tools like that but a little bit less useful.
We could end-up with a cluttered sculpt mode with most tools being unused, undocumented and repulsive for newbies.

I hope that falloffs for mask from sculpt-dev branch will end-up in master quickly after 2.92 release.
I don’t know why but sculpt-dev branch is not showing masks and face sets in solid display mode, for me. But it works in material preview mode.


Don’t count on sculpt vertex colors leaving experimental anytime soon. It’s been there eight months and there’s no sign of change. Also don’t count on multires support for it, because they’ve now apparently (almost?) decided to make a completely new multires… after spending last year trying to fix the old multires… because the old multires is weird and hard to develop for… which Pablo told them a year ago…

It can be very frustrating reading the dev pages :frowning:


Pablo Dobaro is gift, not only for Blender community… he is gift to 3D in general. Because creative people share ideas, his work for sure influence Pixo, just like Pixo influence / inspire Pablo. Creativity - inovation - develop is ongoing process.
So leave this great dude alone. And please, this non-stop comparison with Zbrush are annoying and somehow inappropriate. Imagine that someone continuously compare YOUR work with someone else. Do you will feel comfortably? Not to mention that Pablo is one man army… on the other side are machinery. As far I know in “big” software companies on one feature work couple developers, there are meetings, brainstorming with other members of team, etc. Pablo have Twatter …
So even if he make some moves which don’t fulfill your dreams or are to SLOW, etc., keep this for yourself. Or learn to code and make better stuff… simple like that.

btw. like no one mention 3D Coat. This software have couple nice stuff which I love to see in Blender… after all even ZBrush users, use 3DC for some tasks.