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Is the skin modifier really that bad for this sort of thing?

Zspheres or BSpheres are not skin modifier.

You add, edit and pose spheres on the fly, and without switching tools as you stay in sculpt mode.
It’s better workflow than skin modifier.

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Thanks for clarifying. Yes i know its a different workflow. It simply working more like what folks are used to from other apps is justification enough to have it as an addon. What I was asking was if you felt that blender’s skin modifier was unusable for this type of thing. Like is it too confusing to setup, or is the output a lot worse than what you get with z-spheres. Ok, so you are saying that you just don’t want to switch out of sculpt mode in order to set it up. Personally, while I’m ok with its output (blender isn’t missing basemesh creation tools), I think the skin modifier should be its own object type instead of a modifier. It’s too easy to apply it to a dense object by mistake, and its output is only useful when you subdivide it with another modifier. It feels like it should be a new object with a self contained workflow.

Skin modifiers is much better if it get fixed and features complete…:face_with_monocle:

  • topology generation is quad based
  • if you understand the tool behavior you can get great results
    But it needs more love from developers…:pensive:

You can see all model and test I did with the skin modifiers


Looks interesting. Too bad your Skin modifier patch didn’t make it to Blender. What’s the reason for that?

Personally, I’m a fan of starting with the Remesh modifier in Voxel mode to combine and Boolean-subtract arbitrary shapes into a seamless basemesh. When done with the basemesh I usually convert it to a mesh, continue in Sculpt Mode, and finally use Quad Remesher (the add-on) to turn the result into a neat quad-poly structure.


Thats your opinion.

Isn’t my patch I’ test it but the image in the thread show the results with skin modifiers in blender. The implementation in blender don’t have the complex math in the original paper


Remesh modifier is nice, but the Voxel Mesher modifier is nicer… :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, why is it not in master yet??? :sob:


Yeah, the extra OpenVDB options in @scorpion81’s version are very nice. It’d be great if that version could be included in Blender.


Hey sculptors, please check out this build by Bartek Moniewski with additional controls to change the saturation, brightness and gamma of the matcaps, and give him some feedback before he submits the patch to be included in master :nerd_face:

I personally love being able to desaturate a matcap completely and use it with random colors for different objects, or to display textures, such a quality of life improvement!


Blender really needs a proper way to apply different matcaps on different objects… Random colors sometimes is not good enough… :frowning:

I’d like to be able to roll my mouse wheel over the matcaps and have them instantly applied. If I had that I wouldn’t even want or need the thumbnails of the matcaps.

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I did not test the branch because I would have to apply patch and build it.

But those remarks make me think that would be great to have Lighting settings in Viewport Display panel of material tab.
We could imagine a main setting offering several choices : Scene Lighting / Material Studio Light / Material Matcap / Material Flat like we have Display As choice in Viewport Display panel of Object tab.
For Material Studio Light, we could have 2 lines of additional settings : name of studio light and rotation button + slider.
For Material Matcap, we could have just one line : name of matcap file + Flip button.
That would allow to change matcaps with mouse wheel.
And for use of thumbnails, we could add an apply to active material button in Viewport Shading popover.
And I would like a similar button, in material preview mode, to create world shaders from HDRIs.

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It does! Materials can apply matcaps.

There’s a build you can download. I tested it, it really does make Matcaps much more useful. Test it and let Bartek know what you think!


3D-Coat is one of the tools that keeps having a soft spot in my sculpting heart, but Blender has just become so complete that I can’t justify using it anymore. Love 3D-Coat’s spline-based sculpting tools though.


Also a colorramp to define a range for random colors wouldn’t hurt. As of now everything just looks cyany&pinky


Yes. I have seen that there was a build for windows. I am on linux.
I just don’t want to spend time downloading and compiling the branch.
I am already doing that for all the ones from official repository.

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Ah, fair enough! I didn’t think to check for other OS’s, you’re right.