Pablo Dobarro's master plan for sculpting and painting, development news

Doesn’t work in solid mode…

See the crappy mockup below? That’s what we are talking about… :yum:

their curves tool and the ability to spawn a tiling mesh along it is amazeballs. Also that the curves automatically snap to whatever other objects surface is so good.


The brush UI could be improved.
I’d like to see, aslo a pie menu for the most used brush features : ie : switching mode between scale / translate / topology / face IK with the pose brush, switching between drag, grab… with the cloth brush


So here are some of my meditation about Blender sculpt…
Well, what Blender sculpt most need in this moment. First, obvious answer are : couple clones of Pablo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But until 3D printers advance to this point there is something which we need also. And this is someone like Mike Pavlovich. Some of you which use ZBrush or watch other software know for his YouTube channel. He after every new release make series of videos which in details explain every new function / improvements. Depending of release this are BIG number of videos. Also he make series of basic stuff for people which just begin to use Zbrush and UPDATE it with new features… and even experienced users can find something useful in this “beginner” series. Stuff which they are skip, or simply forget to exist, etc.

So it’s more or less easy to keep track of software development.
Now compare this with Blender sculpt. This is not annual or periodic development, Pablo throw new stuff almost in daily basis. To keep track you must use Twatter - Fakebook or whatever, hang and waste to much time following this or this or this, asking people etc. Not all are willing or have time to do this. I have similar experience with C4D and I’m sick of this for rest of life. I couple times try Blender sculpt, then hit wall. Try to find something on YT… but nothing, nichevo. There are people which talk about Blender sculpt… but this is far, far away from organized, thoughtful series which make Mike. Just try to find someone concrete, usually you need couple search ( something even don’t know what to put in search bar ), and then get in best case long video about something different as main focus.
I guess that he have deal with Pixologic. So maybe Blender foundation can make something similar. Instead of long babbling videos, someone which make concrete demo videos about features.
Blender need not only more features, he need more friendly approach to users. For someone this situation are ok. but remember when you are young and fresh this can look interesting, exciting… but you will see.

Blender foundation for sure can find someone to make videos like Mike… but there is one “little issue”.
Zbrush is more or less dog with one trick. On the other hand Blender is universal. So if Blender put some resource in sculpt presentation there will be wild bunch of users which demand more attention to geometry nodes, grease pencil, etc. And to get so much people ( $$$$ ) is very unrealistic.

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I understand, but most of the new sculpt features are not in the official releases, and some would never be or will change, so in my opinion would be a waste of time to do a video of every new “alpha” feature, also because not all users work with the experimental binaries, like we, crazy ones, do.

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Joseph is making dyntopo commits with increasing regularity.

Usability improvements
Crash fixes

Perhaps it will be ready to test before Summer, but this is a big project.


I think about it also. So… it’s sad situation. Some of features look nice, but when try to recreate something…


Does anyone have a good explanation on how to use “Use Original Plane” and “Use Original Normal” separately on useful ways? I’m wondering if by making those separate Pablo gave us the possibility to have something similar to Zbrush’s TrimSmoothBorder. I’m doing a project with lots of stony bits, so that would be a godsend.

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Original Plane refers to the sculpt plane. The depth where the stroke is initiated.
Original Normal refers to normal of brush. Orientation of brush interpolated from surface normals and normal radius were stroke is initiated.

Try some strokes of a clay brush, on a sphere with an high strength and a low Normal Radius.
Initiate some strokes far from your viewpoint and other ones close to your viewpoint.
Difference between using one option, the other one, both or none, should be obvious.

Does Blender plan to add Zbrush quick Insert Multi mesh brush ? same as 3D Coat voxel insert primitives tool.

Unlike Blender you don’t need to switch to Object mode each time you want to add a primitive to your model.

And it’s faster to select as each individual inserted meshs have it’s own polygroup without needing to crteate sub objects.


I didn’t find the brush in Blender alpha 3, i guess it’s work in progress.

Also it would be nice like in Zbrush and 3D Coat to be able to use transform tool on the Insert Mesh Brush just before adding it.
Sometimes you don’t want the inserted mesh to be perpendicular to surface clicked and you want to scale it and rotate it also.

I guess pablo is only waiting Joseph finish improvement on Dyntopo. @Ace_Dragon Do you already tried building temp_bmesh_multires Joseph ?

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The most useful patches are not available anywhere, not even in the sculpt dev branch, unfortunately… :frowning:

Probably because they’re still too unstable / experimental.

Dfelinto should poke some of the developers to help Pablo get his performance patches updated and ready for commit, as the performance improvements they bring would actually make high poly sculpting a reality.

Unless they are waiting for the multires code to be rewritten further, but the devs. haven’t given the code a lot of attention and Sergey has been weighed down by non-dev work.


I thought that was the point of having experimental/dev branches… :frowning:


:slightly_smiling_face: Not if something is still very prone to crashing. The worst bugs need to be squashed before releasing it publicly, otherwise people will start complaining in discussions on certain forums. :wink:

Well. It was also dev work but on other areas of Blender.
He improved motion tracking stuff and reviewed VSE, Compositor, Cycles and Geometry Nodes stuff.


The priorities are a bit weird too… :smile:

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