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does Pablo take feedback or we’re waiting until the merge?

Not always, many things aren’t in his control, or he is waiting for features in master. But as far as I know he want feedback from Zbrush users, at least en artstation

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That link gave me a virus warning (trojan) when I tried to download it.

False positive probably. I had no issues with it.
Try to ask the author…

Tough question.
He doesn’t even answer most of the questions/feedback from his followers on twitter. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I mean, I appreciate the work he’s doing, but stuff like this looks kinda rude imo…

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I do wish he engaged more with the community, after all we’ll be the ones actually using his tools

but the sheer volume of ‘feedback’ he’s getting is pretty damn overwhelming, and the useful-to-useless ratio is pretty lopsided, as it usually tends to be. I understand the silence.

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I’m not sure that he particularly needs us for anything other than financial support. Unlike Blender’s past sculpting gurus, he’s an artist himself. He knows where improvements are needed and why. No feedback required.

Not that we shouldn’t be thankful to said past gurus.

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There’s no such thing.


Maybe it is because of Spanish, but he seems very responsive to me in the past, maybe I can pass some questions to him, let me know of any, and I’ll try to pass them to him.

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He’s probably overwhelmed, yes.

When I make or demonstrate Krita features I often get a bunch of people asking for feature requests, and a ton of people who don’t understand how to save to png and who have decided that my demo was the place to ask this.

Yes, being an artist allows him to understand the sculpt module weaknesses better than other devs, and I’m very grateful for what he’s done.
BUT! on the other hand, he thinks only about his own workflow and style, and that’s also dangerous because any particular tool or workflow he doesn’t personally use or like will potentially be forgotten, removed, or (in the best case scenario) left untouched. That’s why feedback is ALWAYS important and necessary.

Take Dyntopo for example, a lot of us use it regularly and found what’s good and bad about it, it’s a very powerful feature when used right and great way to do concept sculpting and illustration, but Pablo doesn’t care much about it, he’s talked about that before and has basically said that with his contributions to the sculpt branch the dyntopo feature is not needed anymore…

Dyntopo and his remesh goodies shouldn’t be compared against each other as he did some time ago on twitter, they’re both valuable workflows that can and should be used together. Dyntopo allows for fast “sketching” and quick localized detailing, while the remesh would be the next step, where the design has been settled and is time for some fine detailing and polishing.

Just because he doesn’t like it (or use it) doesn’t mean is not valuable and important for other users.


Oh give the guy some credit at least. I’m sure he’s aware workflows other than his own exist. He’s not an idiot.

Come on I’m not saying he’s an idiot, I wrote that based on what he’s said before about other workflows, specially dyntopo, he may not advocate for it’s removal but it couldn’t care less about it.


maybe he should do votings or something else to get feedback quickly?

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can u ask him about the mask expand operator, it seems hard sometimes to use as you have to be aware where you point the cursor i had issues using it in places like ears for example, would it be possible to turn it into or add it to mask tools with more easy tweakable options, like using modifier keys for the speed of the spread,sharping and blurring the mask…etc, Thanks.

What the cursor has to do with the mask extractor? :thinking:

i meant to say " mask expand" where u have to point the mouse cursor at the point u want it to start.

Ah yeah, I wish it was a tool.

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Definitely agreed. I use Dyntopo all the time, just like I almost don’t use Dynamesh in ZBrush anymore since Sculptris Pro arrived. These days I use Sculptris Pro for sculpting in ZBrush, then go straight to ZRemesher. Same with Dyntopo, although if I want to stay in Blender I use OpenVDB in stead of ZRemesher.


Yes, I think that could be a good way to go about feedback without being overwhelmed by it.

Exactly! That’s a perfect example of how both features can be used in conjunction :slight_smile: