PACFINDER finished

what you think ?

is finished? or is poor?:eyebrowlift2:



PACFINDER3.blend (433 KB)

Pretty cool concept. I would love to see more levels though. :yes:

I’m surprised how impressed I am!
The music fits this crazy house(?) full of drunken (because they move randomly) violent enemies(?) well.

Wait are the levels randomly generated? If so then I would mention that somewhere, and add a prompt to play again on the win and death screen.


The gameplay is solid, and the concept is executed nearly perfectly. The one thing that I am confused about is the movement of the enemy. Do they move by random with any NavMeshes? Their movements seem strange.


i agree , the music “fit” (just a bit redundant, but make a entire song is more hard than a little loop…)
…is not a bit exagerate “extreme horror” ?? the idea original was not make any horror stuff ,
probably bad texture and bad color give a horror effect :smiley:

effectively the generation random of the level is the part more “strong” of the blend ( from a point of Wiev of developer)
anyway is written bad and not really exploitable(all harcodized). maybe in pacfinder4 i can make the script that increase the number of enemies each time.(should open a new thread or continue on this one?)
in you video (you are very fast ;))
what happen to the enemies? is visible clearly one cube red (enemy) that “fly” at -> 1:18
and also after .
i never seen this thing on my PC. (remember i used 2.69)
i not know what can be , is strange that only “ONE” cube fly (if is a problem with bullet should be many more)

“Their movements seem strange” you mean that cubes that fly? visible in the video? or other thing?
the logic of enemy is time based , each (1/2) seconds just change direction
(you can see it in the module, “def enemy(cont):” all is written here) :wink:
is the implementation more simple that i had thinked , anyway in my opinion work pretty well since in this way the player has the possibility to avoid as the movements are pretty predictable

I liked your game. It has a nice kind of retro challenge to it where I have all the time in the world and my own impatience is my only real enemy.
I appreciate the large colliders on the tokens you pick up. The make the game a little easier while making it much more fun where I can snag a token from right under an enemy as I fly by instead of waiting for it to move.
The slow health increase was a nice way of not dooming your player while the rest of the game never made me feel that I should wait for health. I just went for an easier target or charged in, hoping I was good enough.
The music was nice. I made it through 4 rounds before noticing how short the audio loop was. Even after that it didn’t bother me.
You could do something for the aesthetics (maybe a neon or some other tech theme might fit the music). You could add some level variation and difficulty increase as others have mentioned.
This game could be considered done, or you could keep adding features until the levels introducing and testing them all could span several hours of play. It’s up to you.
Good luck.
Nice game