Pacific M1 Helmet (Cloth effect?)

Hello I’m just trying to improve my skills here and there and I want to get a cloth look on my helmet like this: & This: How would I achieve that effect? I’m not that good at sculpting but I did figure that it’s probably the best way to do it… Since my helmet looks like it has no cover on it at all.

High Poly:

Low Poly:

I am also learning how to use UDK and I’d like to know how many poly’s a helmet like this one should be right now it’s 296 low poly. If the cloth effect can only be achieved by sculpting it and then baking it as a normal map onto the low poly then I guess I’d have to do that I just want to make sure it’s the right way to do it. This guy did it on his US Marine and I must say it’s awesome!:

Thanks guys I really appreciate the feedback.

i quess you can always try cloth simulator, then bake it in normal map.

i’d say either cloth sim then some extra geometry for the stitching, or better yet just sculpt the detail in and either way bake the detail into a normal map