Pacific Northwest

Made some lowpoly trees in speedtree, rendering about 500 thousand I think this was like 12gb of vram
Landscape heightmap made in World Creator
Rendered in Octane for Blender


This is gorgeous, may I use it as my desktop background?


Go right ahead (its 4k)


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re on the featured row! :+1:

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This is so beautiful binasaur! If you have the time could you share a little about the fog process? is it a combination of mist pass and volumetrics? its really beautiful i like it a lot, I manly do archviz so i´m not that familiar with atmosferic effects, clients always want sunny days but I think this is much more interesting. Great work.

Thanks, I was having problems with z-depth (mist) pass in octane so I used 2 cubes with volume shaders. It really increases render times though.


This is absolutely crazy good!

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Thanks for the Insights, I was carried away by the image and did not read it was an octane render, I love octane renders but i´m too lazy to convert all my assets to a new engine, results are stinning though, congratulations!

Looks like mount hood. Great job.

Wondering about your VRAM. Are they all proxies? Still massive poly count probably, yet proxies should really help

This is seriously stunning! I wish the main mountain had more resolution on it and there were some more barely visible landscape in the background, I think it would push it really far!

Thanks! I’m using geometry node instances to scatter the trees. the base trees are about 15k-50k tris. With nothing running in the background I’m using 9gb of VRAM and 12gb of system RAM

Yeah I agree, definitely ran into some limitations using a single mesh with a heightmap

Ow wow, you must have a pretty bully video card. Is that a Quadro or something

I upgraded from a 3080 12gb to a 4090. Definity worth it.