Pacific Rim fan Jaeger and Kaiju

Hi everyone! Haven’t been here in a long time. Had been slowly working on a project I just could not give up on. I’m a huge fan of Pacific Rim and I figured I could design my own Jaeger and Kaiju. These are Tremor Daedalus and Blindreader:

These were done with Blender internal renderer. I added pop to the edges and the spot lights are post also. I have follow ups to these that involve a fight depiction.

I have higher resolution uploads on my deviantArt:

I do not know these characters, but the render looks really good!

I really like them, I think the robot is a bit better but they’re both very cool

The Jaeger robot looks pretty good, no criticism there.

The Kaiju however could use more displacement as well as a proper emission map, the inner mouth area could also use more glossiness.

The overall detail in the textures look to be fine though.