Pacific war game

(erich) #1

Here are some screen captures of several models I have been working on for a Pacific war game. All the models are work in progress. Feel free to comment. Thanks. Erich
IJN Battleship
IJN Maru (freighter)
IJN Island Base
USN Submarine
USMC Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT)

(banana_sock) #2

nice models, they look good.
The LVT seems to have pretty sharp edges, there isn’t any thickness there at all. Otherwise i don’t have nay real crits.

(S68) #3

Very nice.

Isn’t “pacific” war game an oxymoroun?


(wewa_juicyb) #4

uhm… the first ship looks kindda high-poly, are you sure it’ll render in real-time fast enough? Beautiful models though. I love the island.


(JD-multi) #5

Cool, when can I play the game? But when I add textures to an object and I try game the textures won’t appear how can I fix that? because I tried to make a house where you can walk around but the textures won’t appear :-?

(vetzeen) #6

JD-multi, i think there is a topic in the blender database which answers this problem.

Erich, nice ships. :slight_smile: Im also looking forward to see the game. Will it be free to get when it is done? :wink:

(Cativo) #7

Whohoo! Yamato! or Musashi? When is it going to be ready?
btw, where’re the carriers, the most important ship of the war?
keep it up! Can’t wait to play it!

PS:plz include a nice model of the Washington!

(erich) #8

The IJN Battleship is 1042 faces.

(erich) #9

The Yamato. I will add carriers. I believe the construction of the Washington was canceled in 1944.

(erich) #10

Thank you. :smiley: This is my first game :o , so it will probably be free. 8)

(Cativo) #11

The Yamato. I will add carriers. I believe the construction of the Washington was canceled in 1944.

Sorry to say it but you’re wrong(I think you’re thinking of the Illinois)…look for BB 56, battle of Savo Island 3…
i hope you add more than just the Essex class carrier, Lexington class would be nice…

PS: some helpful links…

(erich) #12

I apologize, you are right. I was thinking of the Montana Class (BB-67 through BB-71). Check out the following link. :wink:

(Pooba) #13

Nice! are you doing this in gameblender?

JD-Multi, you can’t texture games in the texture window, you have to uv-map it.


(funkychild) #14

Oooh. Looking nice! It seems like you’ve been inspired by Battlefield 1942. One suggestion I’d give is to work on the ship textures a bit more. Try and add more detail and more variation between light and dark. It’s hard to see the geometry when it’s all the same flat colour grey.

(erich) #15

Thank you! Yes, I am planning on using gameblender. This is my first game/learning experience.


(erich) #16

Battlefield 1942 and the excellent IL-2 are my current inspirations. I agree the textures need additional detail and some vertex shading. Thank you for your comments. :slight_smile:

(JD-multi) #17

Erich thanks because that was my long asked question and nobody said you have to unv-map them so I tried texture window, now I can work on om my animation with people, guns, action and more :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cativo) #18

Just wanted to ask you what are you using for reference? Books by Norman Friedman are pretty good. is good plus they got a lot of links.

(erich) #19

I will check out I have found information on various websites and from books. I have found elevation and plan drawings for some warships at Got to go.

(Lordbenny) #20

If I may say so, Holy $HIT.

Did you UV Map all that stuff with a MOUSE?

I don’t have a tablet, and making UV textures and mapping them onto game models has always been a Pain in the ass for me.
I’ve never done anything even CLOSE to that good.

You sir, are my idol.

…In… uh… a gameblender creator sense, that is.