Pacifica electric guitar

This is a test render to show off the modelling which I have just finished working on.
More shots to follow, I also plan to do full materials and exterior scene. Hoping to achieve a rustic vintage look.

As always comments and critiques are most welcome and appreciated :slight_smile:

Most recent render:


Some closer angles here…


Looking really good. Nothing really to comment on as of yet - if I was to say anything, maybe the edges/seams of the amp and all its bits and bobs look more clay-ish than metal-ish (particularly the corner protectors and handle), but materials should clear that up and make it look all sweet.

Keen to see what comes of it.

Adding materials to the body

Better body + neck and hardware :slight_smile:


Guitar nearing completion

My first go at texturing for the amp

Looks nice! Loving the reliced look. Maybe the fretboard looks too beaten up but body looks great!

thanks Dominic for great suggestions and links in my threads…
and i love music too :)…i first thought doing a guitar scene as well with one i have owned as reference ( Accoustic )…but later on i felt architectural scene will be easier for me and chosen that…
and your guitar model looks awsome…i loved the textures
only like to say is that be fast at setting the exterior environment soon…:slight_smile: add the stuffs like power chords , distorting gadgets,etc as well …

Hey Dominic, very nice indeed. Two little thinks it like to mention though (I hope you don’t get me wrong): You might want to apply some “used look” also to the plastic components and apply some scratches and some matt reflections to the metal parts. Thank you for sharing :smiley:

Thanks IconW, the fretboard is probably too high contrast now and so it has lost a lot of the original wood grain texture. I will experiment with some different versions.

Hello again thanks for coming over and commenting! I am working on the composition of the scene now, heres where i am atm. It needs a lot of work i’m hoping to get some volumetric smoke with lights shining through it in the background too.

Hey thanks for your comment. I completely agree, those things have been bothering me for a while now. I will definably be working on the chrome hardware next. I am also trying to complete all the big details first though so i can then work backwards and work on the small stuff. I’m aiming to enter this into the Blender Guru photorealism contest so running out of time to finish everything.

The guitar is looking good, as is the amp. You may have this on your menu to do for later but I think you should maybe do a little more with effect boxes (or whatever you call those). Since everything else is so worn, those probably should too. Some color variation or a manufacture label on one or 2 might also help.

Hey thanks for all your feedback. I’m nearly calling this finished although there is loads i want to do this! Unfortunately my crumby low spec laptop has decided to begin crashing on me every time i try and render. I can get it to work maybe 1/5 times… Anyway here is the render and if anyone has some suggestions as to how to solve this problem, i am all ears :slight_smile: