Packaging a Blender Material?

As I experiment with making new materials, is there a way for me to save out a material (images and all) to be used later like in a material library… or even to share with the community?

Even on, over half the links to material sharing sites are dead. Do people not share materials much?

Working with nDo2, I turned this image (hopefully not copyright)…

Into this material (w/proper spec, displacement, etc.)…

It was just a test but it came out so nice that I thought someone in the Blender community might want it.

There is this that could be very close to a material library for Blender :

website :

What ShaderTools?

* The Shader Tools is an add-on for  Blender3D.
* It’s a extension which enable you to import from a predefined materials database and to include them in your projects.
* It can create and backup your own materials or external directly in the database.
<b>* It can also export your materials and you can to share them easily.</b>

That sounds rather interesting, not sure if there are plan to get this integrated into trunk at some point or if it will stay separated.

Oh wow… thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Except for these tools, how do people in general work with material libraries in Blender?

Well as far as sharing materials, the last time I checked it was not up to my expectations. I would expect such a library to be able to sync with a online repository respectively share materials though such a repository (you do not want all the materials on your disk).
When I share materials (which I have never done) or textures, I put them in on BlendSwap. This is especially useful if you make theme related textures/material like wood, stone, metal, leaves, …

Along with Blendswap, there is this too :

That currently host 651 materials, it’s not a library but Blend you download and append the material from it into your work.

I wish there was a proper material library coming with Blender, with at least a dozen of the best material people have been sharing.

I never could get the shadertools thing to work. I could import the materials they had in the folder but I couldn’t make my own folder of materials… which is what I need.

It would be really cool to have an online repository of materials that people could rate and share.