Packaging Render Hybrid Template

I need a 3D render of a single use glove box where I easily can exchange the surfaces of the top, left and front faces to create product images for new products — before the physical product is actually available. As an alternative to photographing it.

The end product should be delivered as a layered TIF file where each of the three faces has its own smart object where a pixel copy of the design quickly can be (re)placed. I also require to be granted ownership and access to the Blender file and any necessary support files.

The box render needs to look photorealistic with folds, creases, highlights, shadows and a minimum of texture — as they look in real life. The end result should simply look as if it was professionally photographed on a white surface, with a white background and lit with professional lighting.

I’d like the shadow on the horizontal surface to be a transparent layer so that when desirable, the packaging render hybrid can be used on different coloured designs/backgrounds and look equally natural in such a variant.

On top of the box there should be a cut-out pattern for simulating a tear out. For now, I need two cut-out shapes that can be used as appropriate for the design I want to visualize. The Shapes will be supplied in a vector format, revealing its size and usual placement on the box.

If you are interested in this assignment, please let me see a couple of sample projects and give me a price quote. I won’t select solely on price as obviously quality means a lot to me. Due to potential usage of your services later, your communication skills and personality — to the extent I can judge the latter, will also be considered.

I can send a physical sample as aid if needed, or do a sample photoshoot to supply a high-resolution reference. The aim is to have this template/project ready for within the end of March. Payment for the project through PayPal is preferred.

Hit me with a question if I have missed something …

Hello i’m a 3D concept and VFX artist , do you have an email so we can talk about what are you trying to achieve for this product render ?

In this post I will address a few things that has come up in PM’s, so that everyone is informed and I don’t have to repeat myself.

My aim is to pick a partner by the end of the week. I will not reply individually quite yet, unless I for sure will not consider your services, based references received.

I do actually look through all reference material I receive links to, so that I can get a good impression of your (visual) quality level and technical capabilities. Any reply without references, I will simply be regarded as not up to my requirements.

I am aiming to establish a lasting relation with the one I pick, for projects in the future. This will mostly revolve around gloves and might also include animations.

This project is a dispenser box for single use gloves that is not scalable but most probably in three basic template sizes to accommodate for some variations in packaging;

  • A standard packaging size — the most frequently used.
  • A long version — for gloves with extra length.
  • A high version — for budget packaging with double the amount of gloves.

Here is a visual sample (second picture);

The packaging will not be “opened”, showing the content / gloves inside through the mentioned cut-out on the top. I just need the cut-out to look photorealistic.

The templates will need to fill a standard product picture size of 50x50 cm in 225 PPI (4429 pixels), excluding a 45 pixel margin (applicable on all sides).

By “smart object” I refer to layers in the picture file, that holds the three faces that needs to quickly be replaceable. The top, front and left face of the box should have their own individual PhotoShop “smart object” layer where the 2D design is placed. These layers are more or less to be considered a picture file within a picture file.

Other adjustment layers will then transform these layers to accommodate for perspective, shading, highlights, texture and boundaries (masks).

If it’s still unclear, please check a few “mock-up” files at Behance, or similar sources.


Please Pm me your skype details or email… I have an expertise to create something like this

This became a tad more difficult than anticipated. Not only because my work days seems shorter than I need them to be, but also because I kind of expected someone to stand out as the natural choice. That has not been the case.

As of now I have a hard time choosing between three of my favorites — based on the feedback on experience and (relevant) samples submitted.

Perhaps I’ll go for getting to know two of you, as one has shown particular potential for other uses of 3D sculpting and rendering that I hope to venture into this year. While the other seems to have substantial experience in exactly what this request was created for …

I apologize for the delay in my decision, and hope to be able to prioritize this first thing tomorrow.