packed images won't render

Hi. I have character I’m Texture Painting and to keep file count down I’m attempting for the first time to use packed images only.
My character is broken up into about 6 materials so I can optimize the UV maps. To identify them before Texture Painting I painted each initial (generated) image a different solid color and repacked.

In 3D view then I have a Primary Color man :slight_smile:

I then did my Texturing Paint ok with a skin brush, then repacked all those edited internal images.
All my materials have assigned textures using those images.
Funny though, in GLSL and Textured Display, the 3D viewport only shows my original solid colors. If I switch to Singletexture or Multitexture display with ‘Textured Solid’ check, I see my paint job.
BTW, Face Textures is not check in the materials.
Finally, rendering only shows Primary Color man, not the skin images I supposedly painted over the initial primary colors I started with.

I checked the Textures in each of my materials. The image filename is blanked out of course because the image is internal.

So, anybody got an idea what is going on? Am I abusing the packed images facility? I plan on importing this character to another .blend and hopefully not pollute it with a bunch of filenames used just to texture this character I won’t use anywhere else.

if you packed images then it wont use the internal images

you need to unpack the image first i think!

i just receive a sampel file with apck iamges and color wa all violet
i unpack these and it works fine now !