Packing data

Is data packing working for people on windows in this latest release? When I try it my text doesn’t work anymore. I also have to have an absolute path to the sound file in order for it to work. I used to be able to put it in the same folder with the blend and it would work.

packing sound files isnt working for me on linux. they only play when unpacked.

packing is working for me in the latest release candidate. im on windows.

the text does get screwed up and turns in to all @ symbols

but that is fixed by just closing and opening the .blend again.

Hmm. That worked, except for the sound. I guess I’ll have to post a packed blend and see if it works on other computers. Thanks everyone.

you can make the blend read wavs from out side of it (without packing)

but the wavs should be in a fodler called samples

here is a tut from my site

or if you are lazy

i think you have to pack everything manualy. the will work fine and nothing is screwy

Yea, If you pack all the images individually in the UV editor, you won’t have the @@@@@@ UV text problem.