Packing duplicate UV islands while maintaining overlapping

Hey everyone,

Is there a way in Blender (or maybe some other free UV unwrapping solution?) to average and then pack UV islands while keeping the mirrored, overlapping islands intact? I have a model of chair and i want to only have one set of UV islands for the four legs of the chair, but when i pack the UV it naturally automatically separates all the islands. Is there a way to achieve what i want?


I use this as pro version it’s miles ahead of any other packing addon for blender by its features.

If you don’t have money then your only option really is magic uv addon that comes with blender, it has this feature to pack overlapping uv islands and keep them together, but the time and packing solution is way worse than what you can achieve with uvpackmaster.

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Thanks for the link. I suppose i could spare $15 if it’s really that good. Is it buggy at all?

You can try the free version of it and see yourself, but pro version has all the good stuff. I haven’t seen any issues so far and ofcourse if you find any you can tell the developers and they surely fix them.