Packing music

I’ve searched google and can’t come up with an answer.

How can you pack music into your runtimes? I have all the textures packed, but it never includes music, nothing on the sound editor, or in file tab.

Click “File - External Data - Pack into .blend file” will pack everything in your current project.

That will make it a blend file, but what about into an exe file? I don’t want people to be able to open it and change everything.

When you save as runtime, it packs everything into the exe file.

It didn’t for me, only textures, there is no sound

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Hold on, lemme install this again.

I don’t see your problem, seems to work with 2.49(and I must say, my crappy little shooter was much improved by having “Call on Me” blasting over it), and…2.57’s Save as Runtime doesn’t work for me.

Could be a problem with your drivers, I guess.

Maybe it doesn’t work on Windows 7?

When something doesn’t work in blender on my mac, I move the project to my win XP machine. Blender is different on different OS’s.

You could also try uninstalling blender and python and reinstalling them, sometimes they get corrupted.

I had similar problem in my runtime game version with sound. I solved it just formating mp3s to .wav

I use 2.49 on win7 with .wav. Yeah, pack all the files then export. Look in the sound tab and make sure the pack icon is on.

I had the same problem with textures. Big ol’ grey blocks running about in silence makes for no fun.
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I had similar problem in my runtime game version with sound. I solved it just formating mp3s to .wav

Does that mean you had mp3s opened in the game engine? If so, how?

In 2.49, isn’t the music a sound, and the sounds get packed with you pack the file?

ok which version of blender are trying to pack, and also… it seems that blender 2.57x has been able to not only have .wav for sound but aswell as a mp3 and a couple of others but mp3 is the one major update.

mp3 files do not usually do very good as of now in 3d sound options, or any other panning type of sounds, and might be the problem… but if you changed all mp3 (if you using them) to .wav it might solve the problem.

if your using only .wav files you might have to try something else…

everyone should also be aware of a GREAT FREE-WARE program called audacity. you can change sound properties and other things including changing sound files into .wav hope that solved the prob :wink:

No sound in blenderplayer.

i’m using blender 2.57B
Sound plays ok with blender interface.
But if I export my project to a runtime, I get no sound … and no error in the terminal.
I tried SDL and Open AL setings in the user preferences.
I’m using Ubuntu 64 bits, 10.10.

Even with a simple project (just a sound on the cube from a new project):
OK, it plays in blender.
Bad, I cannot hear it as a runtime (blenderplayer included)

What could I do ?

Sound and blenderplayer OK with Xp and Seven, from my project made with Linux.
This means
a) Linux blenderplayer does not handle sound
b) or there is a problem with sound and Ubuntu 10.10 and blenderplayer.

If someone using blenderplayer 2.57b and Linux and sound could help me !
Thanks in advance.