Packing, or, Converting Linked to Append

I was confused by how Pack into .blend file worked. After reading the wiki it seems it is only for image textures. Is there any quick way to convert all linked files into appended files instead? I’m testing this out with the thought of sending a .blend file with all data packed into it. This would save on having to various files and instead just download one for my freelancers.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Is there no way to do this?

Cannot you not just make all your linked objects local (L) or use proxy objects

Ah that works!

I was really hoping there was a way to keep the links somehow, and just package the file to them, and when they send it back, I could unpackage that and maintain the links. Any ideas for that?

I’ll try sending this out and seeing if it works :slight_smile:

Well this doesn’t seem to work. While it saves and looks fine on my end, on his end it comes out with the rigs animated but the characters stuck in T Pose.

How would we convert an animated, linked in rig, to be local if it has been proxied?