Packing textures kills text? [solved]

I’m having a very big problem with 2.42a. When textures are packed, every single text item becomes @@@@@@@. Obviously, this is a pretty major issue. What’s the fix?

Pack the textures one by one in the UV editior window. (Click on the little package box thing for each image).

I had this problem. The way I fixed it was to do FIle>Pack Data, and then save the file and re-open it.

That works?

heh, i’v allways did it the way social stated, and it takes ages that way :confused:

Works for me. Keep in mind, I’ve so far only encountered that problem once, and that’s how I fixed it. Perhaps it won’t work for others.

Dim’s method worked. Thanks for that.

Sure! Glad to help.

Cool, also thanks for the pointer Dim, will save me a bit of time, much appreciated.


Excelent. One more good thing to know.