Packing textures results in @@@@ on text objects?!

I am using a mouseover sensor to display info about items in my game. There is a plane parented to the camera which is empty except when an item is mouseovered. Then it shows text. The object is a standard plane with a text type selected, and the font bitmap with the @ selected. It worked fine before I packed the data (I did that because of the exe not showing anything when I run it). After I packed the data, in test mode in Blender, whenever anything is highlighted, it shows up as @@@@@. It is the proper amount of characters as the description, just all @@@s. Any ideas what is causing this?



I’ve had teh same thing happen to me before…what I usually do is save, close blender and restart and its fine. I’m not too sure about the exe though if its still doing it in there you might have a problem? Using text that way is glitchy sometimes…I always seem to have problems if I resize a plane before I add the image to its face for the text and then it won’t work for some reason.

Saving and restarting Blender worked for me. Thanks for the heads up.

It still isn’t showing up in the EXE file for some reason. Nothing happens :frowning:

Did you resave the exe after you excited and got back in?

Yes I did. I just did it again, and this time a lot of the textures are mixed up. For instance, the brick texture I am using is in some places showing up as the eyeball texture I am using in one of the models… Odd…

I think I’m going to create a new file and try a basic text map thing again. I am beginning to think the existing file I have is corrupt…

I created a brand new file, very very basic (about 70k) with just a simple cube and a mouseover script telling it to show the text. It works fine in Blender, but in the EXE (and in the blenderplayer.exe test.blend format) nothing shows up. I’d appreciate it if someone would check out the .blend and let me know what the problem is…