packman8000 ( not demo )!!

see my new game
PAckMan 8000:D

11 levels
4.9 mb


comments needed


WOW great game! its so much fun, but i dont have enough time to play past level two right now. keep up the good work!

Thank you!
I m very glad :slight_smile:

You coudn’t post the blend could you, I’m on linux? At least, thanks for showing it was a setup exe so I didn’t bother downloading.

me either…stups for blender games are wastes of time. it just puts stuff in the registry

Yes! I in a techno atmosphere by he game. Hell blyat!

^^^ What the heck did you just say? ^^^

Can you upload a .blend for Mac users? I wont steal anything… promise. :smiley:

ok !
But only tomorrow, today I am strongly tired… :o

that the…
I cannot fall asleep … damned blender…

packman8000 source (only for blender2.34!!!)
especial for linux and MAC users, enjoy;)

Why does it say it’s a windows executable? We need a blend file for linux and mac.
Is that just what you named it?

Did you get that music from RPG Maker 2000?
Woot! I made a six hour long game on there!
Still not done…
Sorry i’m off topic, so proceed.


yes!! RPG Maker 2000 - coool!
Sorry i’m off topic, so proceed.

Pretty cool. I’d work on the controls a little if it was me. 360 degree movement isn’t necessary and I think I’d like it better if the player turned 90 degrees with each key movement. Also, I’d just let him keep moving without holding down a key and have the player change directions with the keys. The midi music doesn’t play on linux but I guess that’s not your fault. Ogg would be nicer because I could hear it. I like the bombs and keys, makes it more interesting.

Бокофф, ты на хуя раздаёшь сурсы, я же тебе чётко сказал - НЕ НАДО ЭТО ДЕЛАТЬ, а ты!!!:mad:

This is the Russian to English translation I got from that statement from babelfish:

Bokoff, you to khuya give out sursy, whereas 4 to you he clearly said - IT IS NOT NECESSARY THIS TO MAKE, but you!!!

Apparently not into the open source movement, or doesn’t understand that most people want to hear crits to improve their game. I get the strangest feeling “but you!!!” was mistranslated.

As far as I know Russian, Heretic wrote:
"Damned, you gave out sources, I have said you clearly - it’s not neccessary to do it, but you (did it)!!!

O.K. Not into the open source movement, then. Thanks.

Russian doesn’t translate to English well, I guess.

We all improve ourselves when we give out source code. Just like having free information helps everyone. Our thanks, Nissa, for being willing to share.