Packt- Invitation to author a Blender book

Hi everyone,
Packt, a leading global publisher of technical learning content for developers, is currently creating a book on Blender. Releasing mid-2022, this cookbook will be your problem solving guide addressing the common problems you face while building your 3D project and then solving them using recipes.

(Modeling, sculpting, animation & rigging, VR support, OpenVDB import, OptiX viewport denoising, new Cloth Brush, Grease Pencil, EEVEE, etc.)

We invite subject matter experts and experienced senior artists to author it.

Packt specializes in enabling tech professionals to write on the side and debut as authors. We have a dual model of payment, with industry leading royalties as well as advances against them. If you’d like to get published, I’d be glad to share further details. Kindly respond with interest at [email protected], and visit for more.
Thank you.

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