Packtpub book offers and freebies.

Packt publishing give away ebooks, usually one per day. I regularly see Blender and or Cycles books being offered amongst ones covering game engines, Android, IOS, and programming (sometimes Python). E-books are offered in pdf, mobi, epub and other formats. Accompanying source code and or example files are zipped.

Give aways link:
Requires sign up, but hasn’t asked for a verified email account yet (2016/12), so it’s pretty quick and painless.

Feel free to post up any offers that might be of interest to readers of blenderartists.

Todays free ebook is: Blender 3D by Example
Authors: Romain Caudron & Pierre-Armand Nicq
Published in 2015, using 2.74 going by some screenshots.
15MB pdf, 257MB zip of blends and textures.

It’s available for the next ~21 hours after which the next free ebook will be offered.

Is also available and has been for a while.


Free for the next ~18.5 hours is:

Unity 5.x Cookbook by Matt Smith & Chico Queiroz.

Available via the first link above.

Free for ~ 18.5 hours from now is Learn C++ by Creating Games with Unreal Engine 4 by William Sherif. First link.

Getting redirects now to this offer:

10 days of free & complete online access to all their titles. No downloads to keep except example files / source code. Not sure if 10 days from now or from the access date. Otherwise available by a paid subscripton. As before, enter anything resembling an email address during registration.

Browse or search your topic of interest: for example.


Blender 3D 2.49 Incredible Machines by Allan Brito is available for the next ~22 hours via the first link in the first post. For the OGs. OBs?

OGBs, lol.

Unity 5.x Cookbook, ~18 hours left to keep for gratis. First link.

Unity AI Game Programming - Second Edition
~20 hours to claim and keep forever. First link.

You know, I am never going to buy another book from these ding dongs again, never never. :mad:

Right now I feel like “oh so you are the sucker that opened up his wallet and bought our books while these other people got them for free legally.”

So I have brought like 2 of their books spending something like USD60 and other people legally get them for free because the publisher routinely gives them away for free, I really feel like a sucker.

FWIW I’m not sure the giveaways are up to Packt entirely. I’ve yet to see any covering CryEngine, or other DCC apps for instance. Stings a bit, but hopefully whatever you bought solved problems in a timely fashion that you’d otherwise gamble on being free sometime in the future.

Off topic: You really in Namibia?

@LoboTommy Maybe I need to just balance the scales log in and download a book or two even if I don’t need them.

…Off topic: my location is authentic

For the next ~23.5 hours: Building a Game with Unity and Blender, is available. First link.

@tyrant monkey: Cool. Been marvelling at Sossusvlei and the like for ages from afar.

Building a Game with Unity and Blender!!
Only 2:45h left…

Available once again.

OpenCV Computer Vision with Python. 21 hours to go. First link.

Unity 5 Game Optimization. 19.5 hours to go. First link.

Procedural Content Generation for C++ Game Development
19 hours left. First link.

Python 3 Object-oriented Programming - Second Edition
19 hours left. First Link.

Learning Object-Oriented Programming
19.5 hours left. First link.

Covers examples in Python, C#, and JavaScript.

Available once again. 18 hours tog go.