um…this is a game that i am working on but im not sure if i should continue.


why not?

Sure. I would like to see it.

looks cool

OMG i luv pac-man!!! do it do it do it!!

never give up your dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeams!

but seriously, you shouldnt ever wimp out of a project. take everything as a learning experince and you just might make something more than you ever thought possible

i need sum help though coz i cant make the camera follow pacman without rotating.i need the camera to follow pacman but when pacman rotates the camera mustnt rotate.any help wud be appreciated.hey if url want i can upload the blend file and maybe we can make this a team effort?

ok guys heres the link to the blend file

before to think about how camera follows pac-man, you should get pacman moving, don’t you think?

Give us something playable and we will help you with details.

im trynig to make pacman move but its not that simple wen u want the camera to folow a rotated armature parented to the sphere.i can make the camera follow pacman but wen he turns the camera turns with pacman so thats wat i need help in.making him move

ok i got wat i wanted to work but now pacman is going through the maze.

Ok, I see, this is your very first game, right? What you wanna do is so simple. I will help today, if I have a little of free time.

ok then thanks for the u guys wana make this into a team work kind of thing?

this is a first step, you can keep going from here. Check it out slowly how I did it to learn.

thanks it realy was simple hey

I like the maze. It looks…



Anyway, a 3d pac-man clone would be fun, just maybe put a little more work into the maze.

I know it’s not finished it’s just something about the maze makes meh dizzeh…


Keep going, you’ll never know where it’ll lead!
For example - my latest project:

It started like this:

Now it looks like this because I wanted to make it the best I could:

With hard work and dedication you could make this game 300% better than the original. But if your heart isn’t in the game than try something new. You should be passionate about everything you make.

Not to derail this thread or anything, but that project of yours looks great Matt! Have you started a thread for it yet? I would like to see more.

this looks cool! though i’d make the camera angle higher up, if you get my point?

Blender finally gets a pacman game :slight_smile:
I hereby officially christen the BGE! No game engine is complete without a pac-man game.