Pacman demo

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Well ive spent my saturday making this first level. The AI is quite simple but it does its job if anyone has any ideas on how to improve it I would be grateful. The controls are W,A,S,D for up, left, down, right. It runs at 91fps on my computer but it a pretty good one. Coz there’s a lot of objects (the balls). If you it to run faster, change the walls of the maze from add to opaque in the face settings. The stars are power ups but im working on them at the moment.
For another feature im working on, the dark with only a small light around pac man the light around him alway lets you see the rest of level just enough to lose the effect no matter what the lamp setting, ive tried mist but it doesnt work too well. Any help on this would be good too.
The main thing I want to know most is how hard you think it is. thanks in advance -


(S_W) #2

Wow! Great start! Can’t wait to see it finished! :smiley:

(gargola) #3

:o :o :o woow!!! i downloaded your file at 22 k/s!!! normaly i download at max 3 or 4 per seconds!!!(i’m on a 56 k modem).it took like 5 secs to download the 500+ kb file. :o :o

ps: i’m going to take a look at the game right now :smiley:

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looks good! i think the monster are too fast,the killed me before i could figure out how to move LOL :wink: i don’t get used to move the charaters at the A,S,D,W keys.anyway…looks very good keep working on it. :smiley:

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i, master of blendergaming, commend you. i had my doubts but i think your game rocks.


(Pooba) #6

Hmm, it looks nice, but there are some things that are kinda weird.

The monsters move a bit too fast, and track to isn’t going to work for a pacman game. it’s easy to get them stuck so they can’t get you.
I’m working on a kinda waypoint AI, i should have a demo soon.


(saluk) #7

Kind of hard to play without being able to get the stars:)

Pretty cool, but it doesn’t feel like pacman with the control that way. You’re supposed to press a direction key once, and then pacman keeps going until he hits a wall and then he stops. YOu press the direction keys only to change directions.

Minor quible, and maybe it was a design choice? Good work so far.

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Thanks for the feedback guys I will be posting my update of the demo soon. Its got a menu screen and an extra level as well as the powerups working. (One of them is one that reverses the tracks and makes the ghosts “scared” of you which makes things about the correct difficulty). The next level im making is a one with a slightly more complex maze. The level after that will be one that incorporates traps (e.g. gaps, spikes, etc) The fourth level will be the boss level, it will have a simple maze and the boss will have wings and be able to fly, when he gets near you he’ll breath fire the aim will be lto lead hime into a trap. Once this is done ill have all the tools to create loads of levels quite quickly. The last thing Ill probably do is the multiplayer, probably who get the most balls or doesnt get killed in the time limit.

I thinks the control system is ok, i can change it to arrow keys if people want it. I think the old pacman controls would require more logic bricks though. What did people think of the graphics? I made the textures on flash 5 but perhaps they were too bright? Anyway I hope to have the new demo up in a day or two.

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gargola Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2002 1:31 am Post subject:

looks good! i think the monster are too fast,the killed me before i could figure out how to move LOL i don’t get used to move the charaters at the A,S,D,W keys.anyway…looks very good keep working on it.

You are right, same thing happend to me. The monsters are that fast that
I can’t even collect all the diamonds! Ok that was a rant… :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, good game! I think it needs more levels(atleast 10). And some kind of
a menu(the menu should iclude options for sure, because then I wont die
searching for the right keys).

–The most important thing that this demo should include is '‘SOUND’'S. 8) 8) 8)

(erwin) #10

very nice, but please make the cursor keys work :wink:
also sounds would be cool.

(Fred_Pyo) #11

hehehe, kool!

Like the look of the monsters and pacman, he looks… different… the textures are wonderful :slight_smile:

PLEASE!!! What’s the deal with using A,S,D,W as moving keys instead of the cursor keys?.. tis something i don’t get…

To make pacman move like the original one, you should do something like…

Always – move forward

UP key – rotate to x degree (up)
DOWN key – rotate to x degree (down)
LEFT key – rotate to x degree (left)
RIGHT key – rotate to x degree (right)

and a inverted radar/touch sensor to the always sensor, so that it doesn’t move when touching a wall… maybe ray or radar

simple, right?

(I’m not underestimating your blender knowledge, just for you to know)


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Heres an update guys, the power ups should make things easier. i was in a bit of a rush when put it on floppy so it might no be on the menu screen. To see it click on the scene selector and choose “splash”. There is two new levels also and the game restarts and switches scenes when you win or lose. Im working on my overlay scene for the points thing and the 3rd level needs some tweeking but have fun and my fourth level should be out soon. (A boss level). I was going to make levels with spikes and pits but its too hard not letting the ghost fall in themselves. The keys are still ASDW sorry ill put them in the next release. The files in .zip format now.

DOWNLOAD - Enjoy!!

(xintoc) #13


  1. Put arrows for moving instead of W,A,S,D

  2. Some sounds

  3. Score, Time, Balls and Level don’t work

(Pooba) #14

Jeez people, what’s wrong with WASD? They’re in the same orientation as UPDOWNLEFTRIGHT! Honestly, i don’t get people who can’t play with it.


(doogs) #15

For transformers, when they go into a garage YES THEY DO TURN INTO A CAR. so whatever.


(Yamyam) #16

nice work. LogicBricks of the Pacman is simple. I love it.:slight_smile:
But Monsters…I think you can use the Python scripts for monsters algorithm.

(jrt) #17

Nice little game blenderage. It only goes to show that some of the old ones are still the best…Goes for people as well you know!! HeHe!


(Ben) #18

-Good work.A little bit difficult but very funny