pacman's revenge

Hello guys!!
Simple image made just for fun =)
Made with blender 2.49,
Render with blender-internal,
Post with gimp

I hope that you like it, C&c are welcome! :smiley:



nice!!! (piccolo il mondo:cool:)

haha great idea! the only thing that sticks out to me is that maybe you could change the color of the ghost, to something a little more brighter. so it sticks out and mix’s everything up a little.

love the concept! :smiley: I do agree with terminator though, maybe you could choose another ghost, the blue one (I think it’s name was “Inky”) would contrast nicely with the rest of the scene :slight_smile:

I like the concept especially, but the DOF is a bit strong in my opinion.

That’s motion blur.

Hehe, love the ghost’s expression! I agree that choosing the blue ghost will make him pop out. Another thing is that all the pac-men are heading towords a point above the title, either reposition the ghost or the pac-men. :slight_smile:

Hy guys, thanks fot the comments! =)
Here a version with “inky-ghost” and reposition of the title… it looks better?
(the changes it’s made with gimp because i don’t have the blend file)