pagan gods - Glaurung


I want to give some feedback on my entry for this weekend challenge. I think is a serious work, in a very short time, but serious (about 10 hours of work)

This is Ulmo, Lord of the Seas in Tolkien’s mithology

my main headage is with lighting. I’m not so methodic with the lighting issue, i know, and this is the main trouble. I want to add more contrast to scene, and to reduce some unneeded lights. What do you think?

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Hmm…make the clouds noisier, and add more gr[a/e]y to the mist (yellow?!).

I’m not really good with the lighting, so I can’t make any good suggestions about that.


thanks friday13. True, the yellow mist can be a bit strange, but i want to simulate the horizon mist of the sunset in a stormy day. So IMHO this is not the problem, but you have suggested indirectly the solution. I have enlighted the figures in a nightly-moonlighted scene, while the background belongs to another lighting. So I must adjust these inconsistency.
Other C&C also welcome.

thank you

ok the mist is weird like wherer it hits the water like it looks like it is flat planes instead of mist like make the mist farther back or thicker or something. And the water looks really weird it looks like polluted sludge way too thick and not transparent enough. Also did you use a noise thing for the water? cause the waves are way too close to eachother and usually there are not that many diffrent directions of waves but the god and the sky looks good but the splash arouns the god dosnt match te water

I think the water around the god is too solid, it needs to be a little more transparent.

Thank you all for comments. This sea material is from a tutorial available at , great page. I have done various test for the god material and the sea, switching from raytraced materials to simply alpha and z transparented.

the update,
I’m not completely happy with the god, but for this image I have do a lot of practice in various subjects, mainly materials, lights and world works. Perhaps tomorrow i will make some last touches. Or out of the challenge, a “refactum” of.
Hope you like it, C&C welcome as usual :wink:

The god itself is ok but the waves are WAY to big. We don’t see him stand out of the sea because the waves are so big and bumpy

I liked the first render better. try reducing the sea bump (rather dramaticaly, just a slightly bumpy surface) and then we can see the god coming out of the ocean (ocean spray? white foam? particules?)

Nice concept though

The problem with the waves is that they are like hills, make them look a bit more realistic or smaller.

Actually, if you think about storms, the wave size is fine - vertically. But horizontally, the waves need to have larger troughs between them. Stretch the waves out horizontally and increase the contrast to bring out the crests, and it should look great - like oceanic storm turbulence.

Also, I’ve looked at the same tutorial you used for one of my own projects. Remember, though, what his sky/environment was like? Your waves have a similar color, but your general scene is grayish-yellow, and your waves look green. That throws off the color balance and makes it a bit ugly. If you make the water reflective as well as transparent, you’ll make it look that much better. Storm waves are not very transparent (although the transparency of the sea god in the first render was great), especially with all the foam and mist, but they DO reflect, albeit only slightly because of the dark lighting.

One cool thought might be to illuminate the sea god from inside…?

Good luck!

the fog is too close make it so you can see more of the sea cause it looks weird


thank you for all your comments. Indeed, there are some problems with color balance (and many other things :-)). Not solved at all, but you can view my definitive entry here:
Hope you like it