Pagan Megan , WC #198 entry

i had some free time this weekend to put together somthing for the weekend challange. i needed a little more time with lighting and modeling adjustments, but my grandmother is visiting town and well i couldnt get it done. also lets hope she brought her check book because she is behind on about five years of birthday and christmas presents…

the weekend subject was Pagan Gods, and i rememberd the garbage pail kid card “Pagan Megan” and thought it would be a great render. and i think the work of John Pound is brilliant.

i also wanted to participate because weekend challange #200 is only two weeks away!! and i wanted to sharpen up, and get some blendersize before i destroy every last looser that enters weekend challange #200, what do you need to enter blender weekend challange #200, just a computer, a free copy of blender, and a tombstone with your name and this sentence carved in it “i challanged Wu and now I lie six feet underground”

anyway here is my entry for weekend challange #198

Pagan Megan

heheh, so you DO know to find the subsurf button.

Good idea to practice, you’re gonna need all the practice you can get.

Like I said in the WC-thread, you totally brought back the bubblegum-smell those cards had. Nostalgic… sniffing Garbage Pail Kid trading cards. Hmmm.

Pagan Megan looks cute, especially those skulls. Ha.
Maybe some day I’ll teach you how to light your scene properly.

also lets hope she brought her check book because she is behind on about five years of birthday and christmas presents…


lmao! I remember that card. God I feel old now. :smiley:

Excellent stuff. Nice to see you pushing into some higher poly stuff too.


thanks dudes

bikkie- yeah i liked how the face turned out too, i was thinking it would be cool to go back and do a render of just the face and skulls. also about my g-ma’s check book, it would have been funny if i was joking but i wasnt, my cousin gets a car from her when she got rid of it, so lets not be cheap this week ok, lets get out the check book and lets get personal!! haha, yeah but the lighting and texture was quick on this model, but my next wc#200 entry will rock both you and robertt, unless the topic is transgender then you will proably rock, or if the title is somthing like butter or jello then robertt will proably rock, but anything manly and strong like me as the subject i will win!!

BgDM- thanks man, yeah the work of John Pound rocks, i still have hundreds and thousands of these cards, i even wrote to john and was able to get and frame a few of the paint brushes that painted a few of the garbage pail kids, i’m a total looser when i comes to these, haha!