Pagani Zonda F Finished

well ive really jumped into something im nervous about here, the pagani zonda F, one of the fastest cars in the world due to its huge engine, carbon fibre body and shape designed to make it as aerodynamic as a jet fighter, for a little promo vid of what im challenging this time then your in luck, cos here is one :wink:

well i havnt been at this model long yet and im already seriously regretting it :frowning:

I’m sure the community will rally to assist.

yeah im sure it wont be long before one of our car genius’s are pointing out my mistakes :wink:

Wow. From what I can tell, you’re already doing great! Will have to check it out on PC to really say, but on mobile it looks good!
I also like the blue to cloud, real sky effect with the mesh. It’s very soft on the eyes.

Just a quick question though. How do you render the wireframes? Do you use two materials, turn cartoon up all the way?

Thank you :slight_smile: let me know what you think when you get to a pc :slight_smile:

i use a script, originally i was doing it with 2 materials (one white with emit at about 0.4 and shadless turned on) the other goes below it and is a shadeless black material switched from ‘surface’ to ‘wire’

with z trans on but left at default settings, then go to z-offs and change it to .5 to .8 (depending on how clearly you want your lines)

but then DDD showed me a script that does it automaticly, only problem is that it will destroy all your current materials (so only use while in the modelling stage and making adjustments often) also its only compatible with blender internal.
but here is the download

here i have added the side skirt (yeah you guessed it, im going to be modelling another mesh for the little grill in there :stuck_out_tongue: )

Oh why the terrible background??? :frowning:
And still doing renders i see? Ill tell you this: the easiest paint-over i had to do is with a screenshot.
Remember K.I.S.S. - “keep it simple stupid”

Yeah, I dont use any scripts, I just set up the 2 mats, its not that hard…I even made a tutorial on that:

haha, you really dont like my choice in backgrounds do you :wink: once ive got the body sorted up uload some screenshots of it in edit mode so you can see it in its true form :slight_smile:

yeah it really doesnt take long to set up the materials, i just like the script as its a 1 click process that can be applied to the first plane put in and then doesnt need touching again.

i’m still waiting to get a new PC later this year may be

intel is coming with new line of PC at 22nm and this spring they are coing out with a super GPU
so later this year eveything is gone change in the world of CG

can’t wait for the next genration with 10 or 5 nm lines level for PC
don’t know what the speed will be but it will be way faster then it is now!


wow, i hope AMD will be able to keep up, they have just released the monster 8 core bulldozer (top of the line model is the fx-8150 which is whats in my new pc) with the fx8150 running all 8 cores at 3.6GHz, 6 cores at 3.9GHz or 4 cores at 4.3GHz i know it wont be processing power that will be slowing me down :slight_smile: and the rest of the specs certainly wont be slowing me down at all, this is built to be one mean motherFu**er! xD
it will be intersting to see how it handle in a couple of years time though compared to the latest and great future extreme pc’s

well the super GPU from intel seems it will be super fast and supposed to bring real time animation for PC ect

i mean it’s called a revolution in terms of speed !

so hope will be able to use it with blender it’s gone be real fun to get almost instant rendering !

happy 2.6

damn, that incredible :S i hope blender will support AMD graphics cards for rendering because i have got one of AMD’s best cards in my new computer, and can you imagine being able to render with 1150 cores all running at 1.5Ghz, it would be blazingly fast :smiley:

Looking good Biz: damn you are quick too.

@DDD Great Tut, didn’t know about the rendering wireframe.

Yeh, thinking upgrading comp soon; put a new gfc card in few months ago, but it’s a 3 year old i7, so not bad, but definitely time to consider it.

what do you mean 1150 cores ?

happy 2.6

umm, its difficult to explain, not exactly cores, but micro processors :S

well its here, and its HUGE, this is it with my 8" subwoofer from my 5.1 next to it.

(pictures taken from my HTC sensation’s 8MP camera, unfortunately my room isnt very brightly lit)

@Writers Block, thank you :slight_smile: its just a matter of trying to get it right first time, but im stuck on the rear of the car atm, its a complicated shape :frowning:

Looking very 80’s; the box. On the inside it looks like a circuit board; all neat and tidy. Liking the inside! Especially what it can do! Let us know how fast your renders come out!!

I’ve read a few things about Bulldozer, but know very little about it. Does it work like a dual core, but only using 8 instead of 2. Enabling Blender, for example, to work on 8 threads at the same time?

hehe, in real life it has a very SR71 (blackbird stealth jet) look about it, i got a nice surprise though when i payed for 6 USB 2.0 ports and got 7 USB2.0 ports and 3 USB 3.0 ports xD

im about to turn it on, after ive set it all up i’ll do some tests to see how it performs xD

the bulldoser actually acts as 4x dual core processors at extremly high clock speeds all linked together, so yeah im assuming switching blender to 8 threads will do it, or i can switch blender to 4 threads and use AMD Max core to boost the clock speeds while rendering to 4.3Ghz, i’ll just see what handles rendering better :slight_smile: right i’ll be back on in a bit once ive set up everything, seeya :slight_smile:

I hear ya. What takes longest for me is trying to get an image that gives the spcific view to to check I’m in the right lines. Although, I sometimes pause modelling to look at more images.

I’ve started using the grease pencil tool; very useful to help in visualising what’s next.

BTW: Nice computer; those are some leet modelling skils :stuck_out_tongue: I mean it looks sooooooo real.