page curl animation

Hi all.
I have a problem with page curl animation. Now page flip looks like this:

I need to add some curl to the corner, but don’t know to to do this right.

First, I tried to use a Simple Deform:
switched to the edit mode, rotated page -90 degrees X axis, applied Simple Def (Bend), switched back to the object mode, rotated back 90 degrees, but the mesh didn’t come back to it’s old location and dimentions have changed, too.

Deform Factor=0, so why the mesh deforms? :confused:

Before deform:
After deform:

After I’ve corrected location and dimentions the mesh (page) still looks transformed.

Using Curve Modifier didn’t produce the desired result, too - the page transformed during animation and it can’t be placed exactly under the book spiral (you understand what I mean :D).

Any ideas, how can I make realistic page flip and control it’s location accurately?


I would use shapekeys to deform the page mesh and animate the shapekey value according to the page rotation.

Good luck !

Maybe this scene file can help you out…

you could also use lattice to defom it

but it’s up to you

let us know what happen here
interesting subject !

happy 2.5

jg_loquet, thanks! I will try :slight_smile:

Atom, thanks you too, but how did you make the “page” object? Sorry for such noobish question :smiley: I’m new with curves.

you’re welcome :wink: glad to help

RickyBlender, this is menu for the iPhone game :slight_smile:

Now it looks like this:

How do you like it? :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but shape keys and lattice didn’t help me:
How should I make curl smooth??