Page decoration: cherub

When I first started modelling with Blender about two years ago, I thought that this kind of modelling would take me years to learn. I hope I have learned a few things from all the people that have commented on my Blends and would like to say Thank You.

The model I’m working on here is one of my ongoing obsessions: historically books have had some very attractive, and sometimes quite complex decorative images just to make the pages more attractive, and I would love to see a revival of that interest in the visual aspect of text presentation.

I was surprised at how relatively easy this has been to model so far after making side and front drawings to refer to.


nice, i like it, looks good so far

Easy, hey? the gods of 3D modelling never sleep and they must have read my last post. Since I duplicated and joined the two halves of the model some nasty artifacts have appeared. (the right half is the original).
I have tried calculating normals outside, inside and swapped, both selectively and for the whole model, but all that happens is I move the problem to other faces.


H E L P ! :frowning:


OK, color me dopey! I went back to a previous file copy, duplicated the mesh within the object, mirrored and flipped the normals before joining the two halves. Problem solved.


I’m almost done with the modelling now. Slapped a cheesy gold(ish) finish on it for a quick render but recommendations for good texturing or UV tutes wouldn’t hurt.