Page File Bloat

Anyone else have the problem where Blender fills the page file somehow? I’m rendering a 300 frame animation at VERY LOW resolution and somehow it takes up 1.5 GB in my page file. WTF is that??? I keep having to close blender just to get it to empty. Is there any other way to do test renders?? Is there a way to preview an animation in blender?

Hit ALT+A, this should show your animation in 3D window. To see anim from cameras view just go to camera.

Geeeeze…all this time I thought it was Alt + P. Thanks so much for that! Now if only blender would render my textures in the window…

It would render anything uvmapped, vertex painted, texture painted, ObColored in potatoe mode (alt+Zkey) ; for procedural textures you’d have to have lots of polygons, either real or through subsurf.
On that last point seethis mini-tut.
It’s doesn’t help speed and is not perfect but no 3D soft can really give you real time raytracing, can it ?

Thats a really nice tip…thanks for the linkage as well. I knew about textured renders I jsut couldn’t figure out why MINE weren’t showing at all even if I was using Alt+Z. But I subdivided a bunch of times and WALLA! There they are!