Page Turn with only using bones?

I am trying to get a realistic page turn with only using bones, and well it is an uphill battle. I am sure I will be able to achieve my goal after much sweat, blood, and tears; but if anyone already knows a slick way of how to do this; I would love to hear!

Thanks all.

Is your problem about rigging/skinning or keyframing a rig ?

I guess, if I had to do that, I would create a bones chain along the page then I would animate it nearly like in this tuto :
at first animating the root bone, then the second, then the third …
But it depends on which animation you want to get

edit : Here’s a .blend file to show my idea. (the animation may need some tweaking)


page.blend (423 KB)

I would have tried using B-bones but I just watched EyeMasterFilms’s Blender Bendy/Curvy Rigging Tutorial on youTube. Seems like just what you want to do and alot easier than setting up B-bones.