pAge tUrn

Probably a best place to post this tutorial.
Here is a technique to do a page turn in Blender :

An example :
And the .blend :…her-page-turn/

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions here and sorry for the lack of narration.

Great tutorial! Because of this video I’d like to dig more into Blender.
So because I’ve never worked with Blender I have two questions:

  1. How can I use multiple pages like you have in your example video?
  2. How can I put an image on the pages?

Very nice. I’ll take a look at your tutorial. I’d be interested in trying it in the GE.

  1. How can I put an image on the pages?

That question is a bit outside of the scope of this tutorial. Start here - there’s a materials section. It will take some time to get through all of those tuts, but there are many ways to apply textures, and you’ll have to think about how you’d like to do it. We all have specific ways that are our preferences - I always UV unwrap and apply textures in GLSL mode.

Thanks guys !

  1. I used a add-ons call import/export as MDD (NewTeck MDD). It allow you to export an animation of a object by creating a shape Key for each frame of the animation (hope that make sens). Then I reimported the MDD file on a different object but with the same geometry (page) and made multiple copy (multiple pages). Finally I moved the strips in the NLA editor to create a time offset for each pages and to make the illusion of randomness during the opening.

  2. 3dmedieval gives the right way to go. I you want to go further and learn how to make a double sided page, there is some tutorials on the internet (even on the forum i think (?)).

@3dmedieval : i will be very interested by your try of this in BGE. Keep me inform !