Pages blowing in the wind


This is my first post on this forum and my first week with blender. (Done some small thing with other applications earlier).

I have a school project, we are going to make a musicvideo for a violin concert written by Mozart. And one of the scenes we are planning includes a conductor that is conducting. And I want to illustrate that the same man (the conductor) has written alot of other pieces. I would like to have alot og paperpages “blowing” around him and in the room…

Someone know how to this, know of some tutorial to make paper blow nicely in the wind. Is softbodies the way to go? I’ve done som small tests, but it doesent look natural… Anyone who can recomend some tutorials, or blend files that i can look into?

Have you tweaked the softbodies?
And what of the softbody setup doesn’t look natural? The deformation or the movement in the wind?

eh… both… hehe. Now it looks more like a cloth than a piece of paper. And the interaction with the wind doesent look natural. It does’nt “bend” like paper in the wind… A piece of paper would curl when i fals but this does’nt (do you spell it like that?).

Is it any tutorials that cover this problem? i can’t find one…

I’ve never used this, but the curve deform option might be useful. You might be able to set up a few flowing, looping curves around your room, and then send your pages along those, while deforming to the shape of the curve. You might add some shape keys for added flutter. Just an idea.

Thanks, that looked like a good option… I’ll look into it…