MY penguin game

the server seems to be down :expressionless:

Mmmh yes, I see a sort of error page from the provider, no idea what si says because I can’t understand it. :-?


I’ve already seen it, and this game is great! The sounds are nice (except when the penguin says “Yipee!” when he dies), the graphics are as good (but why is his shadow blue), gameplay is medium, but I think there should be some kind of story first.

Very slow for me
im guessing you’ve parented the cam to peguin imo its much nicer cam if make it “look at object” rather than parent :slight_smile:

Very nice game, great sounds and nice game levels. The game runs fine on 1.5 ghz amd 512 mb ram 64 mb ram geforce 2 TI :stuck_out_tongue: