here :slight_smile:

wow, great stuff and atmosphere

neeeat ! I gotta study some more on setting world-textures and so. It looks so darn good once you get it right :smiley:

nice work :smiley:

Excellent work, especially for me in terms of colors and composition. It feels like we’re looking up at a large and impressive structure. Near photographic quality on my screen. As an experiment, if you were to add a slight Gaussian blur of about .3 and then add some uniform noise (1 to 2%) it might appear closer to a photo yet based on a quick test here :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!



thanks :slight_smile:

RobertT:I tested your tips,but you make scene more blured overall. For me is better present image.

I tested night version. :slight_smile:
On my calibrate monitor is brightness o.k.

The new night scene looks really nice from here.
Congratulations again on your second render! :slight_smile:


That night scene is very impressive. Great work, Taurus. :smiley:

Ooohh very nice render. Nice job on the sky. I have been having a hard time making my skys look good. Pagodas are fun to model and they always look cool.

Slighly dark the pagoda facing the camera in the daylight scene…Perhaps a little bit more filling lights shed on this side of the pagoda would not leave it so dark, IMHO…

As for the night scene looks terrific, I like it…