(Paid) 3D artist needed


I’m the director of a new short film. And I’m looking for an Blender artist that can model and animate a robot character. No lighting, texturing or rendering needed. I need someone who is skillful at robotic animation or rigging.

Send me a PM here with your stuff :slight_smile:
This job is paid!

(If you are Swedish, that’s a big plus.)

All the best,
Oskar Johansson.

Hello! this is my portfolio and demo reel


take a look :smiley:


Hi, Is this thread still open?
Please view the links below for samples of my work and pm me if interested.

I am interested. mail me to [email protected]
my work samples

Hello! My experience: 3 years of art school,4 years of stucco sculpting, 3 years of 3d sculpting. Have my own 3d printer for jevelery prints (envisiontec mini)
I’m glad to help!
[email protected]