[PAID] 3D generalist for a mobile game

We’re looking for one or two 3D generalists to create all the assets for an upcoming mobile game. The game is nearly finished, but it is entirely populated by “programmer art.”

Now we need someone to make the in-game assets look good. :slight_smile:

A little about the project:

  • The state of the game is much how like Braid looked before it got its art assets. We believe we have an innovative technology stack and a good game mechanic. But we need to make the game look pretty.
  • Experienced development team.
  • The game will be released on iOS and Android.
  • It is powered by our own 3D engine.
  • We can pay per hour/day/week, per project, or whatever is best for you.

A little about what we need:

  • Stylistically: cute, cartoony, bright, colorful.
  • Skills: character/props modeling, some character animation, character/environment texturing.
  • Work flow: Self-direction, collaboration, iteration. We want someone to contribute meaningfully, not merely execute on a vision. If your normal workflow is to receive 2D front/side concepts and create an exact replica 3D model, this isn’t the project for you.

If this sounds like a fit, send a link to your portfolio to [email protected]

Hi,email sent.
You can directly check here:http://game-silkroad.com/game_en/case.html