[Paid $50 - Environment modeling] Need 32 buildings from Laketown (The Hobbit)

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Hello, Im a VFX and cinematic artist. Im looking for a modeling artist that is willing to model the Laketown from The Hobbit films so I can use it to train my VFX skills. I lack of modeling skills so therefore Im seeking a modeler that can do this and maybe is up for a challenge. 32 buildings including the Towncenter is required to complete this work.

I can offer $50 for this and the modeler will get credited in the art shots and recommended. The final shot and maybe a short flythrough will be done in UnrealEngine. Also, in the end of the month I will get a hold of a rigged correct model of Smaug which I will use in the final shots.

I have gathered over 40 reference images from Laketown and have some inside info that will help the modeler alot.

The modeler:

-Dedicated to the work
-Enjoying the job he/she get to work with
-Can use any tools he/she want to use
-Skilled with medieval environments modeling

Hope to hear from someone that can be interested in doing this! I can also be contacted via pm on Facebook (asmund.hoinschei)

Nobody that could be interested in joining this? I think its a great way to show what Blender is capable of. Also, the timing is perfect when 2.8 is around the corner. Here is the Smaug model Im getting in the end of the month: https://squir.com/other/smaug-hobbit-dragon.html . Here is the reference images Ive collected. The modeler will get them seperated, of course.

I know this will take some time and it would be very appreciated if someone could join.

Hi, I’m maybe interested in helping you .

Great, pm me your portfolio so I can see what you do. If I like it, we can connect on Facebook if your`e there for faster communication. Its no deadline on this.

I do not have porfolio sorry

No problem, but if you can and have time to help we can connect on Facebook if youre there so I can tell you more about what I want.